Senator Jeff Sessions: Trump Presidency Would ‘Kill the Advancement’ of Obamatrade

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) announces his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) during a campaign rally at the Madison City Schools Stadium on February 28, 2016.
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Sen. Jeff Sessions appeared on Breitbart News Daily with host Stephen K. Bannon on Monday to discuss his endorsement of Donald Trump for President, noting that “a Trump election would kill the advancement of that Obama-negotiated [Trans Pacific Partnership trade] agreement.”

Sessions said he was impressed with the size of the crowd for his endorsement, and its energy.  “That stadium was filled,” he said of his appearance with Trump at the Madison City Schools stadium on Sunday.  “There were people from all categories of life.  You know, you had your young people with tattoos and things, you had some of the best civic and business people in the community… it was really sort of an expression of national concern about the country, and they’re seeing in Donald Trump a force that they think could break through the logjams we’re in, and advance America in a good way.”

Sessions praised Trump for listening to American voters’ desire for a “lawful system of immigration” that “serves the national interest, and that is good for the people of America.”  

He also found voters to be “uneasy about these trade agreements that have not worked as promised, and they want us to slow down and protect American manufacturing and jobs.”

The Senator conceded that Trump is “not a perfect person,” and advised him to “clean up his speeches some, and be more focused” on these winning issues, but gave him credit for being a “smart and capable” leader who could bring new voters into the Republican Party.

Sessions was especially forceful in his criticism of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, which he saw as a serious threat to American sovereignty, as well as a menace to the economic interests of working-class voters.

“I believe the advancement of the Trans-Pacific partnership, with this European-type commission – the Pacific commission that would be created here, where each of our Pacific partners in that trade agreement, if it were adopted, would get one vote, and they set rules, they can change the rules, without Congress, without the permission of the American people – I think that’s a huge mistake,” he said.  “It absolutely should not happen.”

Unfortunately, Sessions added, his friend Senator Marco Rubio “voted for it, and he says it’s one of the three pillars of his foreign policy.  That worries me.  Trump is clear, and I think a Trump election would kill the advancement of that Obama-negotiated agreement.”

He wanted a new deal, negotiated from a position of strength, with the understanding that America’s trade partners need us more than we need them… by a President who “understands that we’re not going to lose a single job as a result of an unfair trading agreement.”

Sessions saw the Gang of Eight immigration bill as another bad deal, made without due consideration for the needs of the American people, and criticized Rubio as the chief spokesman for that effort.

He recalled advising the Gang of Eight to have law enforcement in the room when they designed the bill, including representatives of Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers who could have explained “the loopholes and the problems, and the frustrations they have with trying to enforce the law.”

“But they didn’t want them,” Sessions noted ruefully.  “They had La Raza there, they had the Chamber of Commerce there… they had other special interest groups, the ACLU… the American people weren’t there, and law enforcement was not there.”

Listen to the full audio of Sessions interview below:

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