Exit Polls: 6 of 10 Republicans in Michigan Want Muslim Ban

CAIR microphone (Jessica Gresko / Associated Press)
Jessica Gresko / Associated Press

Michigan has one of the largest Muslim populations of any state, yet 6 out of 10 Republicans in the state favored a temporary ban on Muslim visitors to the United States, according to early exit poll results from CNN.

The proposal — championed by Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump — was even more popular in Mississippi, where 7 out of 10 Republicans favored a ban on Muslim travel. Those proportions match the range of responses among the states that voted a week ago on Tuesday, ranging from 64% (Virginia) to Alabama (78%).

The exit polls confirm recent public polling results, such as a WXYZ / Free Press poll that showed 61% support in Michigan for a ban on Muslims. Local Muslims in Michigan reacted with concern at the poll results.

The exit poll results bode well for Trump, who is thought to be facing a fairly strong challenge in Michigan from Ohio Gov. John Kasich.


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