Glenn Beck: Matt Drudge and Breitbart ‘Are Nothing But Shills for Trump,’ But We’re Not ‘Shills for Cruz’

On his radio show Wednesday, Glenn Beck blasted Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report and Breitbart News as “nothing but shills” for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, but Beck stated that he and his staff have “proven” themselves “not to be shills” for Ted Cruz.

“Matt Drudge and Breitbart – they’ll never say it, but they are nothing but shills for Trump. I will tell you this: we have proven ourselves not to be shills for Cruz,” Beck said.

The Drudge Report and Breitbart News have not endorsed any candidate in the 2016 GOP primary. Beck has publicly endorsed Cruz, declared him “the next George Washington,” and stumped for him at campaign rallies in Iowa, South Carolina, Nevada, Arkansas, and Michigan.

Beck has proven himself to be a steadfast supporter of Cruz. After the Texas senator came in a disappointing third place in the South Carolina primary, Beck encouraged his listeners to join him “in a fast for Ted Cruz.” Last month, the radio host expressed his belief that God allowed Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to die in order to “wake America up to how close we are to the loss of our freedom” and to the necessity of electing Cruz to name Scalia’s replacement.

The fervor of Beck’s support for Cruz has been matched only by the vehemence of his opposition to Trump. He has called the New York real estate mogul  “a pathological narcissistic sociopath” and “a narcissistic psychopath” whose presidency “will lead to civil war or worst.

He has repeatedly compared Trump to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, declaring that Trump’s populist policies were “the makings of Adolf Hitler.” Last Sunday on ABC News’ This Week, Beck held up a German ballot with Hitler’s name on it as a prop to emphasize his comparison of the GOP frontrunner to the Nazi leader. He has even speculated as to whether Trump, whose daughter converted to Judaism, hates Jews. (He concluded, “I don’t think [Trump] hates Jews.”)

After the Nevada caucus, Beck called Trump supporters “brown shirts” in reference to the infamous Nazi paramilitary group. However, his claims that Trump supporters at a Nevada caucus site behaved with “hate and rage” have been contradicted by the eye-witness accounts of volunteers at the site who dismissed his comments as “hyperbole.”

Last year, he accused Trump’s Tea Party supporters of being racist for opposing President Obama while supporting Trump, who Beck considers to be a leftwing progressive.

He has also falsely accused the Republican frontrunner of voting for Barack Obama in the 2008 election despite Trump’s public endorsement and fundraising efforts for John McCain.

Beck launched into Drudge and Breitbart today after a Cruz supporter named Paul called into Beck’s radio show and claimed that “Trump lost seven of the last eight states without Rubio in the race.”

Below is the full transcript of the response from Beck and his radio co-hosts:

GLENN BECK: This is why – this is why, Paul, he is mocking Rubio. He’s trying to humiliate Rubio. So he will appeal to Rubio’s ego. He’ll crush his ego, and try to get him to stay in because he’ll be too damaged. He’ll be angry and want to stay. He won’t want to go out as “Little Rubio.” That’s exactly why he’s doing it. That’s exactly why Matt Drudge is doing it. Matt Drudge is — Matt Drudge and Breitbart – they’ll never say it, but they’re – they are nothing but shills for Trump. I will tell you this: we have proven ourselves not to be shills for Cruz. When I came out two weeks ago and I said: If he doesn’t win some things – if Rubio comes out on Super Tuesday and he is winning over Cruz, I will go to Cruz and say, “You gotta get out for the good–”

STEVE “STU” BURGUIERE: You said that to him on air. You said that to Ted Cruz on the air.

BECK: Yes, on the air. We’re not a shill, and more importantly we come out and tell you we are for Ted Cruz. Matt Drudge and Breitbart are playing this game, and they’re going to get burned badly. Did you hear what happened to Breitbart — apparently to one of Breitbart’s reporters last night?

STU: Yeah, there was a report. Jeffy, do you have this report in front of you by any chance?

JEFF “JEFFY” FISHER: I don’t have it in front of me, although I know the story. There was a report out of Florida that one of the reporters–

STU: Female reporter.

BECK: Female reporter.

JEFFY: Yes, from Breitbart went to ask Donald Trump a question and his manager – Trump’s manager [Corey] Lewandowski –snagged her by the arm and threw her back away from Donald and almost knocked down.

BECK: This is the same guy that was spreading the lie that I threatened Donald Trump, and who was part of that Matt Drudge, Breitbart, and there was another one — but it came from this guy who just almost threw this girl down to the ground.

STU: I will say that Breitbart did eventually correct that — so just to their credit. I don’t know that Drudge ever did, but Breitbart did [say] that that was not true.

BECK: So, that’s why. Paul, thank you so much for your call. That is exactly why you’ll see these pictures on Drudge today of this miniature — this photo-shopped picture of Marco Rubio looking like a midget — because Donald Trump needs him to stay in, and so it is an organized campaign of trying to humiliate Marco Rubio to get him to stay in. I just pray and I would suggest that we all pray together. But I just pray that Marco Rubio does not let human emotion dictate because the republic is at stake.



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