***Horse Race LiveWire*** Sanders, Clinton Debate After Bernie’s Michigan Upset

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Welcome to Breitbart News’s daily live updates of the 2016 horse race. 

In her closing, Clinton vows to take on the economic/education barriers. She will take on the healthcare barriers and do everything we can to “unite the country” and will “find common ground.” She says she will “stand my ground” wherever matters of principles are at stake.

Sanders asks if it acceptable that 58% of all new income is going to the to 1% and Wall Street is spending billions of dollars to try and buy elections… he asks is that democracy or oligarchy… he wants public funding of elections. He also asks if it is right that students can’t afford to go to college and are so deeply in debt int he wealthiest country in the history of the world. Sanders says if we “fight back, stand up, we can do a lot better. That’s why I’m running

10:50: Clinton asked what qualifications she would look for in a Sup. Ct. Justice. She supports Obama’s intention to nominate Scalia’s replacement. She says no state should realize the importance more than Florida. She has three words: “Bush versus Gore.”

She says the “a Court took away the presidency. Now we got the Republican Congress trying to take away the Constitution. And we should not tolerate that.”

She wants someone with “heart” and “life experiences” who believes that Roe v. Wade is settled law and would overturn Citizens United.

10:48: When asked about Puerto Rico, Clinton says Puerto Ricans are citizens of America and they deserve to be treated like citizens. She says Congress must give authority to Puerto Rico to restructure its debt and it is a “grave injustice” for the GOP-led Congress not to do so.

She now slams Sanders for praising the “revolution of values” in Cuba. She says “couldn’t disagree more” and if the values are if you oppress people, disappear people, even kill people for expressing their points of view… then “That’s not the kind of revolution of values I want to see anywhere,” she says.

10:43: Sanders shown a clip of himself praising Castro. He is booed. Questioner says there are still open wounds among exiles and what is the difference between the socialism he professes and the socialism in Cuba and other Latin American countries.

Sanders says what he was talking about in the clip was the U.S. was wrong to try to invade Cuba, overthrow the Nicaraguan/Guatemalan governments. He says  he opposed Kissinger and attempts to overthrow Allende, etc. Sanders says all of these actions in Latin America brought forth a lot of anti-American sentiment.

When Sanders is asked whether he regrets his praise of Messrs. Castro and Ortega, he dodges. He says Cuba is an authoritarian/un-Democratic country, but he says that it would be wrong not to state the Cuba has made advances in health care. Full diplomatic relations, he says, will improve the lives of Cuba

10:39: Ramos asks his “Welcome to Miami” question. She asks both candidates whether they would meet with dissidents in Cuba. And would they meet with Fidel Castro and would they consider Raul Castro a president or dictator.

Clinton says she supported Obama’s Cuba agenda–expanding travel opportunities, remittances–and she says she told Obama she hoped he would move the countries closer re: diplomatic relations. She says meeting with dissidents is “important” and the “Cuban people deserve to have their human rights respected and upheld.” She says both Castors have to be considered dictator since they are not chosen by the people.

Sanders says he understands that not everyone will agree him but he thinks we should end the embargo and move toward “full and normalized” political relations with Cuba. He says it will be a good thing for the Cuban people.

10:33: Tumulty says Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has said “personnel is policy.” [No, Tumulty–that was Morton Blackwell]… she asks about the revolving door between Wall Street/White House/highest levels of economic policy making. She asks Clinton if she agrees with Warren’s criticism that they rely too much on those who represent the worldview of the big banks. She wants to end the revolving door and will look for people who will do more to look out for consumers and ensure Main Street flourishes.

She asks Sanders to criticize George W. Bush instead of criticizing Obama/Bill Clinton for wrecking the economy and causing the great recession.

Sanders says nobody has opposed Bush more than he has and says he doesn’t think Clinton has been listening to his speeches.

10:28: Debate turns to Climate change as Tumulty, who seems like it is her goal tonight to harm Republicans so a Democrat gets elected, gives Sanders/Clinton opportunities to blast Republicans on climate change.

Sanders says Republicans lose funding if they believe in climate change. Clinton says she would use more executive actions on climate change to build a bridge from coal to natural gas and clean energy. She wants to invest in “resilience” and “mitigation” to deal with the high sea levels in Miami.

“Excuse me,” Clinton says as Sanders tries to interrupt, giving Sanders a taste of his own medicine.

Sanders wants a “tax on carbon” as well. He calls on Clinton to join him in opposing fracking. And Tumulty moves the debate along.

10:25: Clinton says her father said “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” She blasts Sanders for not having clear plans on how to pay for his programs. Sanders says what Clinton is saying is the U.S. should not guarantee everyone health care. “You may not think that the American people are prepared to stand up the insurance companies or the drug companies,” Sanders says, adding that the American people are. Bizarre attack on Sanders against the person who promoted “Hilllarycare.”

10:22: Clinton’s cough returns as she talks about her plans to reduce student debt. She says the government has to quit making money lending money to young people. Sanders says Clinton is absolutely right and points out that he said it many months before she said it. Sanders says he has been criticized for talking about big ideas and he says that his “free college” plan is a “fairly expensive proposal” ($70 billion a year) and he will pay for it with a tax on Wall Street speculation.

10:19: Sanders says Trump’s children and Clinton’s children should be able to go to public colleges for free but suggests they would probably choose private schools. Clinton has said she opposed Sanders’s “free college” plan because her family/Trump’s family should not be able to go to college for free since they can afford the tuition.

10:17: Sanders says we have a big problem with youth unemployment in the Latino/African-American communities. [Sanders has said in the past that immigration was one of the reasons for this but he won’t dare say that now or at this debate.] He calls for raising the minimum wage and guaranteeing health care as a right.

10:12: When asked why voters should prefer a career politician like Sanders over an establishment one like Clinton, he says it depends on what his career has been about. He says he has stood up for the environment, seniors, workers and stood up to special interests all his life. He says, unlike Clinton, he believes we should expand social security.

10:01: Audience boos Ramos as he asks Clinton about Benghazi. He points out the Clinton sent emails to her family saying Benghazi was a terrorist attack while lying the families of the attacks that a “video” was responsible. Ramos asks if she lied to the families of the victims.

Clinton says the families of the victims are wrong. She says she testified for 11 hours and Republicans didn’t learn anything new.

[Give Ramos credit on this question–much tougher line of questioning than other mainstream media journalists.]

Clinton says at the time she emailed Chelsea, a terrorist group on social media had claimed responsibility and they rescinded it later [This type of response will get her in trouble. And what does that say about her State Department?]. She also insists the video had a role in the attack

Sanders blasts Clinton for wanting to win the praise of Kissinger and for intervening in Libya.

9:59: Sanders says the head of Goldman Sachs said he was dangerous and he says in fact he is “dangerous” for Wall Street. Clinton hits Sanders for opposing the Export/Import bank [how many voters actually care about this?]. Sanders says he opposed “corporate welfare.”

9:53: Tumulty asks Sanders why it is important for Clinton to release her Wall Street transcripts. Sanders says she got paid $250,000 to give speeches to banks that ruined the economy. Sanders says the speech must have been so great that she would want to share it with the American people. Tumulty asks Sanders if he thinks Clinton is saying one thing to Wall Street and one thing to the public. Sanders says that is why we need to see the transcripts.

Sanders says every politician who takes special-interest funds says they are not influenced.

[Tumulty steps in like the manager at ring side to say “time is up” as Sanders gets going on his attack against Clinton’s ties to crony capitalism/Wall Street.]

Sanders says Clinton’s words to Wall Street have intimidated them and that is why they have given her at least $15 million in contributions. Clinton says that it is worth pointing out that the Koch Brothers, the leaders of the fossil fuels industry, have out out an ad praising Sanders.

Sanders says “there is nobody in the United States Congress who has taken on the Koch Brothers”… more than Bernie Sanders.

9:52: Tumulty [she also conveniently lets everyone know that Clinton says her numbers are so low because Republicans have incessantly attacked her for 20 years… now Clinton doesn’t need to whine about that. MSM being MSM] asks questions about why people don’t find her trustworthy. She wonders if she has done anything to “foster this mistrust.” Clinton says she takes responsibility and says “this is not easy for me.” She says it is not easy to try to help people and try to “even the odds.”

“I am not a natural politician,” Clinton says. Saying she doesn’t have the natural skills of Obama and her husband. She is just as much a politician, though. [embodies the worst traits… she just lacks their charisma.]

9:50: Questioner asks Clinton what her plan is to unite families with their children. Clinton says the audience member is “brave”… “an incredible act of courage” that not many people understand. Clinton says she has heard similar stories. She says she will do whatever she can to unite families and hopes the questioner’s children were either born in this country or eligible for Obama’s executive amnesty.

9:49: Audience member asks Sanders what he would do to reunite families and stop deportations. Sanders says the essence of what he is trying to do is to “unite families, not to divide families.” He says the idea that a mother is living here and her children are on the other side of the border is “wrong” and “immoral.” Sanders says a young man’s wife was deported while he was serving in the military and that is unconscionable. He says he will do whatever he can to unite children with their mothers

9:47: Sanders says we should not resort to “racism” and “xenophobia” like Trump when talking about immigration. He calls Trump’s plan to deport illegal immigrants “vulgar” and something people should not take seriously.

9:45: Clinton is pressed on what the difference is between the wall that she voted for and Trump’s wall. She says the difference is Trump is talking about a  “very tall wall” that is “better than the Great Wall of China” that he would magically get Mexico to pay for. She says it’s fantasy. Clinton says she supported some fencing and other measures to improve security. Complete dodge.

9:39: Sanders wants to go back to the ’07 amnesty bill. Sanders wonders why LULAC and “other major Latino organizations” would oppose the bill if it was such a great bill for immigrants. Sanders says he worked on legislation to make sure guest-workers were not treated like “slaves.” Clinton, seeming like a coughing fit is coming, says the the UFW said the ’07 bill was the “lsat, best hope.”

She now says Sanders supported “indefinite detention” and stood with “minutemen vigilantes” in their efforts to “hunt down immigrants.”

Ramos asks Sanders, “did you support the minutemen?”

Sanders replies, “of course not.”

He accuses Clinton of taking large pieces of legislation and taking stuff out of it. Sanders says he did not oppose the bailouts and did not support the minutemen. She says that is a “horrific statement” to make.

Debate is getting testy as Sanders is finally showing the life he should have shown over the summer. He actually seems like he wants to win the nomination. He says he will put up his record of fighting for the poor against Clinton’s any time. Sanders blasts Clinton for wanting to bail out Wall Street.

CLINTON IS NOW TALKING LIKE  A SENATOR on minutiae re: the auto bailout. This is why it is so rare for Senators–or those who talk like Senators–to get elected President. Obama didn’t talk like a Senator on the stump. Trump doesn’t talk like one either.

9:37: When Sanders is asked the question, Sanders says Clinton didn’t fully answer the question and “the proof may be in the pudding.” Sanders says Honduras may be the most violent region in our hemisphere. He says children fled that part of the world to try to meet up with their families here… yet Clinton “did not support those children coming into the country. I did.” Sanders says he will not deport children from the United States. Sanders says he can also promise not to deport illegal immigrants without criminal records.

[This debate is pushing Democrats to the left, and it may not be good for them in this year’s general election.]

9:34: Ramos says Clinton has twice not promised that she will definitely not deport children. He says she seems to be defending Obama’s immigration policies. He asks if Clinton will promise that she will not deport children and illegal immigrants with a criminal record. Ramos asks for a “yes or no” answer. Clinton says “yes, you can.” [Unintentionally kind of evokes Obama’s slogan]

She says she wants to deport terrorists, criminals, and anyone who threatens our security.

But she doesn’t answer “yes or no.” And when pressed, Clinton says she will not deport children and families. Clinton says she will also not deport illegal immigrants who do not have criminal records.

9:25: Sanders is asked about why he voted against McCain-Kennedy. He says he voted against it because the guest-worker programs would  have been akin to slavery. He praises the Southern Poverty Law Center, which many have criticized. He says he supported the Gang of Eight bill. Sanders says he will use executive actions to expand on Obama’s programs. Sanders says LULAC also opposed that bill.

Clinton says it’s very hard to make the case that Ted Kennedy, “Barack Obama, me, La Raza,” the UFW, Dolores Huerta would have supported a bill that would have ushered in a program that was akin to modern slavery. She says that was just an excuse not to vote for the bill.

Sanders points out that Clinton was against driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants [that issue derailed her campaign in 2008–see Russert’s questioning and Chris Dodd’s response.]

Sanders also points out that Clinton wanted the illegal immigrant children who flooded across the border to be sent back.

[Clinton can’t try to take the high ground on immigration when she, t0o, has been all over the map. You can tell Sanders has been well briefed on this–and well aware of Clinton’s weaknesses-0because of staffers like DREAMer Erika Andiola that he hired.]

Clinton now accuses Sanders again of siding with the “vigilante Minutemen.” Clinton says one of the first things Sanders did when he first arrived in the Senate was to vote against Kennedy’s immigration bill. Sanders says Kennedy was a very close friend of his and points out that the exposed the semi-slavery working conditions to improve wages when Kennedy was kind enough to let him hold hearings re: illegal immigrant tomato pickers in Florida.

9:22: Questioner asks Clinton if she has been “Hispandering” by pandering to them on immigration. Clinton says she sponsored the “DREAMer Act” and she claims she has been “consistent and committed” to comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. She says she thought the best chance for comprehensive amnesty legislation was in 2007 and she voted for the McCain-Kennedy bill while Sanders voted against it. She asks the audience to imagine how much better they would have been had the amnesty bill passed in 2007.

9:20: Tumulty now asks Sanders if it is fair to call Trump a racist. Sanders says Trump tried to delegitimize Obama with the birther  movement. Sanders says he does not think Americans will elect someone who is intolerant.

Tumulty wants the Democrats to slime Trump. “What does that tell you about his character,” Tumulty annoying presses Sanders (warning to msm: this type of questioning will backfire on you in the general election. The American people don’t like media figures like Tumulty). Sanders says he is leading Trump by 18 points.

9:19: Left-wing Tumulty wants to make sure she gets her shots in at Trump. Clinton says Trump’s has been “un-American” by calling for things like temporary ban on Muslims.

9:17: Karen Tumulty asks Clinton if Trump is a racist. Clinton says there will be a lot of time to talk about Trump if she is the nominee. She says she called him out when Trump. She points out that she said “Basta (enough)” after Trump’s comments about illegal immigration and then blasts him for not clearly disavowing David Duke’s endorsement.

9:17: Sanders says he will focus on the working families in America and let the process sort itself out.

9:16: Clinton: “Oh, for goodness. I’m not going to answer the question. That’s not going to happen.” Clinton’s response when Ramos asks if she will drop out if she is indicted.


He then asks Clinton about her email scandal and asks who gave her permission to operate a private server. He asks if she will drop out of the race if she is indicted. Clinton says she will give the same answer that she has been giving for months. Clinton says she did not send or receive any emails “MARKED classified” at that time and people are talking about “retroactive classification.”

9:12: Sanders says “we have come a long way in ten months.” He said his victory in Michigan was one of the major political  upsets in modern history. He says his message is resonating across this country and he will do “extremely well” in the upcoming primaries. He says he will convince Super-delegates that he is the best candidate to defeat Trump.

9:11: Clinton says she won 100,000 more votes and more delegates than Sanders. She says it is a marathon and says she is running an “inclusive campaign” [Tony Lee: Sanders, though, was the person who has hired top amnesty advocates and Black Lives Matter advocates to help him better reach out to minorities.] Clinton was asked that she may have thought she was the nominee but voters may have said “not so fast” last night.

9:01: Univision’s debate starts. Jorge Ramos is one of the moderators. Clinton says she has been looking forward to this debate. She wants to discuss how to knock down the barriers that prevent people from getting ahead and staying ahead. Clinton says comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship will be one of her priorities in the first 100 days.

Sanders says it is just too late for “establishment politics and economics.” He starts the Univision debate by blasting Citizens United again. Sanders says “of course, we need comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship.”

[The debate is sponsored by Univision and Facebook. You can guess where the questions will be going on immigration.]

8:50: Trump says he’ll debate Cruz in a one-on-one debate. He says Cruz is a “bad talker” but a pretty good debater. He calls Cruz a phony. “I don’t mind debating him at all.” Trump says tomorrow’s debate will be “softer” and he says Rubio will be a different person because he has been “mortally wounded.” Trump says Kasich said he was going to win Michigan but he lost. “He didn’t even come in second,” Trump says.

8:48: Trump says he is “far and away the frontrunner.” He says the worst thing the GOP can do is knock him out because the party will lose all of the new voters that he is attracting. He says he will beat Hillary because he will win states like New York, Florida, and Ohio

8:45: Trump says he sells the steaks through his clubs. He says he buys the steaks and “we’re not going to kill the cow.” He adds, “we do a tremendous steak business.” He says he buys his steaks from a lot of different places.

8:40: Trump says going after the families of terrorists is the only way to stop it. “We have to be a lot tougher,” Trump says. “We are playing with a different set of rules.” He says ISIS chops off people’s heads and we can’t even waterboard. Trump says we have to expand laws but that does not mean “cutting off heads.” He points out that ISIS has no rules while we are bound by restrictive rules. Trump blasts Gen. Hayden, who has criticized his foreign policy. He says Hayden “frightens” him because we haven’t been able to defeat radical Islam because of the military’s weak policies/rules. He says we are losing because of people like Hayden.

8:37: Massive fundraising haul for Sanders:

8:34: Trump, when asked if we are at war with Islam, says “I think Islam hates us.” He says “there’s an unbelievable hatred of us” and says Cooper/reporters need to figure out why. He say we can’t allow people to come into this country who have this hatred of the United States and people who aren’t Muslim. Trump says it’s hard to differentiate “radical Islam” from Islam because it’s hard to tell “who’s who…”

8:30: At MSNBC’s town hall event, Rubio says getting rid of the H-1B visa program would be like getting rid of handicapped placards because you saw some guy abuse it. He calls for reforms to prevent companies from abusing the system.

Rubio says he promised the people of Florida that he would offer an Obama alternative re: his becoming the face of the Gang of Eight bill. Rubio doesn’t mention that he promised voters he would oppose amnesty. Moderator Chuck Todd doesn’t bring it up either.

8:25: On CNN, Trump says people in their sixties are telling him that they have never voted before but will vote for Trump. Trump says there is a massive number of Americans who do not vote and they may do so in this election because of his candidacy.

8:15: When asked if donors like Paul Singer influence him, Rubio says big-money donors are buying into his agenda and he is not buying into theirs.

8:07: Rubio says it shows how bad Sanders/Clinton are that he would even contemplate supporting Trump if he wins the nomination. Rubio says Trump will get destroyed in a general election. Rubio reluctantly says he won’t accept if Trump offers him the VP nod. Rubio dismisses a Cruz/Rubio unity ticket to derail Trump as “House of Cards stuff.”

8:02: At MSNBC’s town hall with Chuck Todd, Rubio says he is the only one who can beat Trump in Florida and Trump can’t come away with all of the state’s delegates. Rubio whines that the media have given Trump a lot of air time. He blasts Trump for having made a lot of his products overseas.

7:47: Carson says he has no intention to run for Senate in Florida. He says he was asked to run in Maryland as well and turned people down.

7:46: On CNN, Carson says the debate tomorrow will be instructive when asked if he will endorse somebody. He says he hopes Trump talks more about his vision for America and does not get distracted by petty attacks, etc. Carson says Republicans have always found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and we can’t let that happen this time.

7:42: Trump again says he is self-funding his campaign. Now, he is genuinely amazed at a protester (“those are the most gentle protesters I’ve ever seen) who started to run out of the building when the “police went for her” and “the police never touched her.” Trump jokes that the protester will sue the police tomorrow for “police brutality.” This type of impromptu, off-the-cuff stuff from Trump makes his rallies interesting (not the petty play-by-play process stuff that he obsesses over). This is “Trump being Trump” and he shouldn’t change. It guarantees eyeballs on him. Trump’s jobs is to ensure that voters come away knowing what his message is, vision for the country is, and what he’ll fight for/against and not get that message muddled in all of the process stuff that nobody cares about.

7:40: In Breitbart News: The Great John Hayward on What Donald Trump Will Do to the Democrat.

7:37: Trump, in North Carolina: “We’re not gonna have a country left if we have Hillary. Can you imagine?” Trump reiterates that Clinton should not be allowed to run because of her email scandal.

7:36: Trump says “Little Marco” may be gone “but you never know.” Trump calls Florida “my place” because he employs so many people there.

He blasts Rubio for being “totally in favor of amnesty” and a “choke artist.”

7:35: Trump says “I am a truthful person. Maybe truthful to a fault.” He says Evangelicals aren’t voting for Lyin’ Ted because they don’t like liars.

7:33: GREAT JOB, GOP SMART SET: Rubio’s decision to completely upend his brand that he and his advisers had spent years cultivating to taunt Trump with juvenile attacks was “central to his unraveling.” [Note: This was obvious a minute after he started his desperate attacks to anyone with a brain but the GOP Smart Set were high-fiving each other about how brilliant these attacks were. Great job, guys! Way to go!]

Looking back, Rubio’s supporters see these fateful days as central to his unraveling. A strategy designed to get under Trump’s skin and force him on the defensive instead backfired on Rubio, diminishing the 44-year-old senator who had spent years trying to demonstrate presidential gravitas. At rally after rally, Rubio was unintentionally personifying the caricature that Trump was perpetually drawing of him: “Little Marco.”

7:25: Kasich: On trade, he says he doesn’t want trade deals that incentivize companies to move abroad. He says that in Dayton, a Chinese investor has created thousands of jobs so “it works both ways.”

7:19: In North Carolina, Trump sees a “Hispanics for Trump” sign and points out he will do well with Hispanics. Trump blasts the media for saying that Trump reminded them of Hitler for playfully asking his audience to pledge to vote for him. Trump says that he even said he would not hold his supporters to the pledge. “Are these guys crazy?” Trump said. Trump said a liberal reporter told him today that “that was the most disgusting thing” he had ever seen. Trump says he does not want to ask his supporters to pledge to vote for him because he will get attacked. When the audience boooooos, Trump gives the pledge and says it was “done in fun.”

7:17: Kasich says he supports Common Core because he wants “high standards” with local control. He says people hate it because people got “on the Internet” and “thought this was Washington dictating something.”

7:10: Kasich understands Trump supporters who have been left behind in the economy who feel like they are losing their dignity when they can’t get hired after losing their jobs after factories shut down, etc. He talks about his programs/ideas for retraining American workers. He also wants to move job training programs back to the states because one has to lose a job in order to get trained for another under the federal program. He also says vocational education programs should start in high school for those who want to learn various trades/skills.

7:04: Kasich says he will “probably” ask Jeb Bush to support him and he is looking forward to seeing Jeb.

7:02: On Fox News, Kasich says “it’s not even a question” when asked if he is going to win Ohio.

6:45: Meghan McCain: Carly Fiorina’s endorsement ‘swayed my opinion’ of Cruz:

6:13: Trump strong in Florida:

6:10: Kasich leading in Fox News’s Ohio Poll:

6:02: On MTP Daily, veteran Florida reporter Marc Caputo says a lot of Cuban-American voters are telling him that they are voting for Trump in the primary.

6:00: Rubio introduces none other than Megyn Kelly at his rally:

5:55: Rubio: ‘I will be on that ballot on Tuesday.’

5:50: Kasich now saying it’s three-man race (but says he isn’t disparaging Rubio):

5:45: NASCAR facing criticism after some drivers/CEO endorsed Trump:

5:35: Not much enthusiasm at Rubio rally. Rubio addressing supporters in English and Spanish

5:05: Rubio ‘Not Entirely Proud’ of Personal Attacks Against Trump:

“In terms of things that have to do with personal stuff, yeah, at the end of the day it’s not something I’m entirely proud of. My kids were embarrassed by it, and if I had to do it again I wouldn’t,” he said during an MSNBC town hall.

4:25: Trump tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper that he’s going for a “knockout” in Ohio and Florida:

“You know, it’s like the fighters. That’s the ultimate way of doing it,” Trump said. “You knock ’em out. If you knock ’em out, nothing can happen.”

4:10: Kasich takes selfie with Sanders impersonator:

3:53: Fox News article discusses whether Trump can win over some black voters. Democrats need every black voter they can get while Trump doesn’t need win over that many black voters to be more than competitive in swing states like Virginia and Ohio. And that’s why Democrats are worried.

3:47: Yikes:

3:45: Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) predicts Trump win in Florida:


3:30: Fox’s Gasparino says Rubio campaign can’t deny that there is a civil war among Rubio’s donors about his viability:

2:55: Dalai Lama asked about Trump. He’s diplomatic–says some of his personal attacks seem “cheap” but he says that can be said of all politicians:


2:50: Win or go home for Rubio:

2:45: Kasich campaigning in Illinois:

2:35: Nancy Reagan’s hearse arrives at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA:

2:25: Jeb! meeting with all of the remaining candidates except for Trump

2:18: Clinton: Iran should face sanctions for missile test:

2:07: RNC Chair Reince Priebus wants more of a G-rated debate this week. He reveals on CNN that the network may not even mic audience in order to get a calmer debate.

2:02: Even the Washington Post‘s resident dunce/useful dunce says it’s time for Rubio to fold (Rubio would have had a better chance in the primary had she opposed his candidacy from the outset).

2:00: Immigrant Hispanic Uber driver in Miami likely for Trump. Credit this NBC reporter for actually Tweeting something that goes against the mainstream media’s conventional wisdom about Trump:



[Tony Lee: I never understood the arrogant comments made by out-of-touch Romney campaign officials about campaign embeds during the 2012 election cycle. Embeds are nowhere near as biased as the regular mainstream media journalists and are better sources for what goes on on the trail. They do invaluable and often thankless jobs and it says a lot about Romney’s incompetent 2012 campaign officials that they would look down on them.]

1:52: A glum Brian Fallon, Hillary Clinton’s press secretary, says they always knew that Michigan would be close. But he says “this is a delegate contest” and Clinton moved closer to securing the nomination yesterday with her landslide win in Mississippi. When CNN’s Blitzer questions Fallon’s about Clinton’s stance on trade, Fallon claims that Sanders has mischaracterized Clinton’s record even though Clinton has tried to have it both ways on trade. Fallon says Sanders will try to parlay Michigan’s success into other wins but even in the rosiest scenario, Clinton will still come out on top in the delegate count yet again next week.

1:50: Strong Cruz ad in North Carolina:

1:45: Sen. Heller (R-NV), a Rubio supporter, pessimistic about Rubio’s campaign:

1:35 – The unnamed donor saying Rubio may drop before Florida is not Paul Singer, according to Gasparino:

1:33 – Bombshell claim on Fox News:

1:19 – From the Associated Press:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager says despite the loss in Michigan, she is moving closer to the number of delegates necessary to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

Robby Mook says in a call with reporters that while Clinton would have liked to win Michigan, she still ended the night with more delegates that rival Bernie Sanders because of her overwhelming victory in Mississippi.

He says that Clinton will compete hard in the five states that hold contests next week: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois.

And Mook says the campaign is confident that they’re nearing the point where their delegate lead will “effectively become insurmountable.” The campaign notes that Clinton still holds a pledged delegate lead of more than 200 as the race enters mid-March.

12:50 – Rush Limbaugh says Rubio, Kasich have no chance to be the GOP nominee.

12:40 – Sacha Baron Cohen: “Fairytale ending” that Trump gets AIDS in his movie.

12:10 – OUCH. Kasich, who hasn’t won a state, effectively says Rubio is out of the running:

12:05 – Former chief of staff to San Diego Mayor Bob Filner writes an “open letter” asking women to come forward and accuse Trump of sexual harassment.

12:02 – Patterns.

12:00 – Cruz is holding a press conference after Fiorina’s endorsement rally.

11:59 – Pop culture coolservatism.

11:52 – More professional journalism: “tell us if you had dreams about Donald Trump.”

11:41 – Professional journalism.


11:40 – Cruz in Florida poking fun at the Trump “infomercial” from last night:

11:39 – Updated delegate math in all three Florida/Ohio scenarios:

11:23 – Axelrod: Cruz is “out to croak” Rubio in Florida.

11:12 – Critically. Important.


10:57 – RNC files suit to obtain Hillary Clinton’s State Department records.

10:52 – Adding insult to injury, Trump won the Michigan county that includes Romney’s home town


10:40 – Carly Fiorina endorses Ted Cruz

“Carly Fiorina is a strong, principled leader and woman of faith,” said Cruz. “Our campaign is stronger with her leadership and her voice. Her story embodies the promise that in America anyone can start as a secretary and become a Fortune 50 CEO. Carly speaks the truth with courage, doesn’t back down to the Washington powerbrokers, and terrifies Hillary and the Democrats. We are blessed to have her support, and together I am confident we will continue to unite conservatives so that every American has the opportunity to achieve the unimaginable.”


10:10 – Illegal immigrant arrested after murder spree

A man suspected of killing five people across Kansas and Missouri was arrested early Wednesday after an extensive manhunt, the Missouri Highway Patrol said.

Highway Patrol officials told the Kansas City Starthat Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino was arrested in Montgomery County, Missouri. He was found lying on a hill just north of Interstate 70 and no shots were fired, according to The Star.

“He looked exhausted,” Sgt. James Hedrick said.


9:47 – Q-Poll shows Trump has EXPANDED his lead in Florida


9:37 – It might be two weeks late but Rubio is finally getting the heckling he deserves from the media


9:06 – Keith Olbermann: I can’t stand to live in a Trump building anymore


9:04 – Rubio gets zero delegates after disastrous primary performance


8:57 – Dearborn, top Arab-American U.S. city, just voted for Donald Trump.

Dearborn houses the Arab American National Museum and several large mosques — unlike the Chaldean Christian Arab community in nearby Sterling Heights, “the Dearborn community is overwhelmingly Muslim,” says Michigan Radio. And Dearborn Republicans voted for Donald Trump, the candidate pledging to close U.S. borders to Muslims, 39 percent to 30 percent for nearest competitor John Kasich.


8:53 – Trump scores a historic first

8:50 – Cruz okay with a contested convention against Trump

Ted Cruz is okay with a contested convention — just as long as it’s only the top two candidates.
Cruz was asked by Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, in a pre-released clip before the full interview airs Wednesday night, if he would be okay with a contested convention if it’s a two man race by July and both Donald Trump and the Texas senator haven’t amassed the required 1,237 to win the nomination.

“A contested convention is a different thing where you go if nobody gets 1,237 and you’ve got two front-runners. Look, Reagan and Ford battled it out in a contested convention. That’s what conventions are for,” Cruz said. “If you’re fighting with the candidates that have earned the votes of the people and it’s the delegates at the who elected to do that, that’s the way the system works.”


8:40 – Oscar winner Jon Voight endorses Donald Trump.


8:25 – UK’s New Statesman cover: “American Psycho: Donald Trump and the downfall of a great nation”


7:55 – Top Romney strategist breaks with #NeverTrump? No.


7:41 – CNN polls show Trump up +5 in Ohio; Trump up +16 in Florida

Ohio: Trump 41%, Kasich 35%, Cruz 19%, Kasich 5%

Fla: Trump 40%, Rubio 24%, Cruz 15%, Rubio 7%

It is hard to imagine how Kasich’s third place showing in Michigan helps him in Ohio next week. Are people really going to surge for someone who has won zero states and, outside of a stolen convention, has zero chance of winning the nomination?


7:36 – Head-to-head, Clinton beats Trump 50% to 41% in a new ABC News poll. Important context is the fact that for the last 10 days, Trump has been under withering fire  from the GOP Establishment/DC Media Death Star.


7:32 – After his three-state triumph, Trump is all over the morning news shows offering an olive branch to the Republican Establishment. “If the Republican Party unites, instead of spending $30 million on ads against me, we will beat Hillary in Michigan and other states no one imagined.”


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