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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally, Friday, Aug. 12, 2016, in Erie, Pa. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Polls: Donald Trump Surging in Maine, Colorado

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is gaining ground in Colorado and Maine on Hillary Clinton, according to polls released on the eve of the first presidential debate.

CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 17: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters at a rally at John Marshall High School on August 17, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton’s Worst Week—Yet, According to the MSM, Her Best Week

If the 2016 presidential race is tightening, how come the Main Stream Media is acting as though it’s widening? Indeed, why is the MSM indicating to us that Hillary Clinton is going to defeat Donald Trump in a landslide? Why are Republicans being told that they should abandon all hope of winning the White House?

Although Donald Trump's campaign has seemed bulletproof until now, his latest controversies, including comments about Ted Cruz's wife (pictured), have alienated women voters further

Poll: Ted Cruz Holds Lead in Wisconsin Days Before GOP Primary

A new poll from CBS News shows Texas Sen. Ted Cruz up 6 in Wisconsin just days before the crucial winner-take-most primary. At stake on the April 5th primary is 42 delegates and a serious challenge to Trump’s quest to accumulate 1,237 delegates before the RNC convention.

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***Horse Race LiveWire*** Welcome to Super Saturday

Ted Cruz won the most delegates on Super Saturday by winning Kansas and Maine. Donald Trump picked up wins in Kentucky and Louisiana and promptly called on Rubio, who did not even finish in second in any state, to drop out of the race.

John Kasich and Donald Trump

Trump Holds 2-to-1 Lead in MI, Kasich In Second Place

An American Research Group poll fresh out of Michigan shows Donald Trump beating his closest rival by a 2-to-1 margin. Currently, the billionaire business earns 35% support. John Kasich is in second place with 17% support. Just behind the Ohio

TOPSHOT - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in North Charleston, South Carolina, February 19, 2016. / AFP / JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

***Horse Race LiveWire*** Nevada: Hillary Beats Bernie; Trump Projected to Win South Carolina

Welcome to Breitbart News’s daily live updates of the 2016 horse race. It’s moving day today, especially for Republicans, as the South Carolina primary will reshuffle the GOP field. Polls have closed in South Carolina as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio battle for the top three slots. Hilary Clinton beat Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in Nevada earlier in the afternoon.

Bloomberg with Toy Guns AP

Mike Bloomberg Would Lose In Landside Against Trump, Sanders

The talk is that if socialist Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump win their respective nominations, billionaire Michael Bloomberg would feel the need to save America and jump into the presidential campaign as a third-party Independent.  According to a Wall

Dem debate Wisconsin (Morry Gash / Associated Press)

National Poll: Bernie Sanders Only -7 Points Behind Hillary Clinton

The bad news for Hillary Clinton continue to gets worse. After winning what was really a statistical tie in Iowa and getting murdered by 22 points in New Hampshire Tuesday night, a just-released national poll shows that Bernie Sanders is not

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Iowa’s Biggest Loser? The Polls. Again.

If you recall, the polls blew the mid-term elections in 2014, the polls really blew the highly-publicized Virginia Senate race, the polls in Israel greatly under-estimated Benjamin Netanyahu’s most recent victory, the polls completely whiffed on the conservative win in


Quinnipiac Iowa Poll: Bernie Bests Hillary 49% to 46%

A Quinnipiac poll released on the day of the Iowa Caucus shows Bernie Sanders with a +3 point lead over Hillary Clinton, 49% to 46%.  Last week, in this same poll, Sanders held a +4 point lead, 45% to 49%.

NBC Wall St. Journal Poll

Shock Poll: Cruz Beating Trump in Key Voting Blocks

While moderate establishment figures are now embracing Donald Trump more than Ted Cruz as someone they can bring around to their way of thinking, a new poll out by the Wall Street Journal and NBC (two mainstream media companies) show numbers that are likely to disappoint Trump’s followers.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton listens to a question during a campaign stop at WH Bagshaw, a 5th generation family owned business, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015, in Nashua, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

Dem Panic: Hillary’s Catastrophic Collapse In One Chart

The Democrat National Committee has done everything it can to make Hillary Clinton president. The DC Media has done everything it can to make Hillary Clinton president. But in this glorious country of ours, We The People still matter, and


Drudge Debate Poll: Trump #1, Cruz #2, Rubio Sinking #3

As of Friday morning, with nearly 300,000 votes cast, Drudge’s online poll asking who won the sixth Republican primary debate shows Donald Trump in first place by a mile with 54.5% support. Ted Cruz lands  in second with 31%,and Marco

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Dominance: Trump’s Been the GOP Frontrunner for 100 Days

Wednesday’s ABC News/Washington Post poll made it official: billionaire businessman Donald Trump has been the Republican presidential frontrunner for 100 days. And because they are BubbleMorons completely out of touch with what is happening in the real world, no one

AP Photo

Trump Smash: Leads Jeb By +18 Points In Pennsylvania Primary

Just two months ago, in early June, a Quinnipiac poll showed Trump with only 4% support among Republican primary voters in Pennsylvania. The billionaire business was in tenth place. A new Quinnipiac poll released Thursday shows a startling reversal. Trump

Donald Trump

Trump Leads Nationally, and In IA, NH, SC, FL

According to the Real Clear Politics poll of national polls, Donald Trump is a full +10.4% ahead of second place. He beats Jeb Bush 23.2% to 12.8%. Scott Walker is in third place with just 10.6%. Fourth place Dr. Ben

Donald Trump

Trump Leads, Jeb Slips, Rubio Crashes In WSJ/NBC News Poll

The latest poll from The Wall Street Journal and NBC News is all good news for Donald Trump and all bad news for former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Since the last WSJ/NBC poll in June, despite a full-frontal media push to destroy him, billionaire businessman Trump has risen from just 1% to take the lead with 19%.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Surges To Commanding Lead In Post-McCain Backlash Poll

While his favorability rating took a hit, a new poll shows that Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s comments about Senator John McCain’s war record  are not the silver bullet many in the GOP and media hoped. A YouGov poll taken


Poll: Hillary Slips Behind GOP In Crucial Swing States

Hillary’s tactical move to the hard left, and ongoing refusal to address the myriad of questions surrounding her conduct as Secretary of State– as it pertains to Benghazi, her emails and the Clinton Foundation — appear to be taking a