Police: Pennsylvania Man with HIV Pleads Guilty to Raping 6-Year-Old Boy

Police: Pennsylvania Man with HIV Pleads Guilty to Raping 6-Year-Old Boy
Cumberland County Prison

A Pennsylvania man diagnosed with the HIV virus pleaded guilty to raping a six-year-old boy after arranging the meeting with another child molester.

Ira Task, a 62-year-old from Harrisonburg, pleaded guilty to a crime Cumberland County DA Dave Freed called a “calculated” act of “evil.”

Police said Task arranged a meeting with the child after contacting North Middleton Township resident William Byers-Augusta early last year. Prosecutors charged that Task brought the child to his home on April 20, drugged him with inhalants, and raped him repeatedly. He also took video of the incident.

William Byers-Augusta (North Middleton Township Police)

“There are still cases that hit even the most seasoned prosecutor or police officer directly in the core of our being,” DA Freed said. “Cases of behavior so calculated, depraved and debilitating to the victim that it makes plain that there are those in our society who will callously inflict evil on our most vulnerable, our children, to serve their own degenerate desires.”

According to Fox News, Byers-Augusta was “charged with child rape and creation of child porn after he live streamed video on the internet of his own sexual abuse of the victim.”

Officials found texts and Skype messages between the two men arranging the rape and said the pair set the video up to be viewed by other child molesters.

“The technology that was being used as essentially webcam technology wherein Byers would essentially film himself abusing this little boy and other people could essentially log in and watch,” Freed added.

Police arrested Task after coming into possession of the video of the rape, obtained during a raid on Beyers-Augusta’s computer files last July. Officials say they identified Task by several moles on his thigh, a ring he was wearing in the video, as well as “a ring around his penis.”

Since the pair used the Internet to arrange their crime, local authorities said they expect federal charges to be leveled at some point in the future.

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