America, the First Transgendered Nation

danish girl

There was a time in our country when the American male had a different kind of masculinity.

The media, TV, films, and magazines all portrayed men differently. The feminist movement has pushed men into their feminine energy and women into their masculine energy before it would happen physiologically. Now, realize all energy is non-gender based. We all have  masculine and feminine energy. I have seen over the years a growing confusion of the sexes — a discontent being felt by both men and women.

The terms “sexist” and “misogynist” are political kryptonite. Along with being called a “racist, ” these words are labels sometimes unfairly used to castrate. We are being conditioned to be a neutered society. This has nothing to do with anyone’s sexuality. If being straight, gay, lesbian, or transgendered is your calling, so be it. I am not referring to this.

The disease of political correctness has infected our national consciousness and now we have a country that is in decline — not only in decline, but we have been effeminized as a nation. Years ago, a great director said to me that besides a handful of actors that we all know and love, the leading man in America has lost his masculinity. He went on to say: that is why there are so many leading men coming out of Australia, England, and other countries.

This got me to thinking that our country as a whole is confused; it no longer knows what it is. America can almost be called the first transgendered nation. And I am not referring to the chosen sexuality of an individual; let me make this clear.

When I saw the Navy SEALs on their knees on the boat in Iran, when I see a President Obama getting off the plane in Cuba and he is not greeted by Raul Castro, this is unacceptable. We have been weaned on the condensed milk of an effeminized media, and it has changed the very DNA of America.

I listened to all the AIPAC speeches Monday, and while Hillary Clinton was giving her speech, I thought, “She has been part of an administration and party that has disrespected Israel for the last eight years. Why didn’t she say anything?” If I was part of a political party and if I thought what they were doing was wrong, I would speak up, but she stood by with her hand in her pantsuit pockets — and now she panders to AIPAC? Even worse, the GOP leadership lets her get away with it. Instead they attack Trump. President Obama salsas into Cuba — the MARCH TOWARD GLOBAL SOCIALISM — and Mitt Romney and the GOP are busy attacking Trump.

It is no joke when I say America has been transgendered. The great acting teacher Stella Adler, one of the most phenomenal women I have ever met, used to say, “Act from your grandparents.” Our grandparents had a closer connection to traditional values. Their character was stronger with less moral ambiguity. They struggled and survived; this current generation has been coddled and is self destructing. To our grandparents, the difference between the sexes was not looked on as a liability but was enjoyed.

Let me be clear: I am all for progress, but we see a society that is punishing maleness. It is creating an internal frustration in the American male and female. Every cable news show asks what is motivating the Trump voter. Well, it is men and women that are “acting from their grandparents.” They instinctively know the survival of America must start with the clarity of who we are collectively, not individually.

We have done America a disservice by weakening her. The country is looking for a leader, but the media and pundits have lost a reference point of what that means. So they criticize Trump because the effete intellectual is effeminate in nature. The problem is since they deliver the message to the rest of us, they shape — or shall I say twist — our perceptions until we are so confused it renders us impotent. We must be very vigilant to cull out the truth from the manipulation.

For instance, the “feud” between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly. It reminds me of some of the on-screen moments between Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn, or Bogart and Bacall. Both strong, bright, and attractive. Megyn Kelly is a very bright and strong woman. She most likely is more friendly with feminine-based-energy men than she is with masculine-based-energy men.

Needless to say, Donald Trump is not feminine-based. Trump, from the very first debate, could sense this. It really is much deeper than a few tweets he made about Rosie O’Donnell or things he may have said as an entertainer — or on Howard Stern, for Pete’s sake.  Ms. Kelly must know folks who know Trump that had to have told her he is a good guy.

Trump instinctually feels things. He has an amazing sensitivity. He has a vision for America and the world — like Reagan. He is not a policy wonk but a visionary. I prefer that. Kennedy wanted a man on the moon. Did he design the rocket boosters? There was a moment in America when Americans knew we could accomplish anything.

Today, we don’t know who we are. For this period in our history, Trump is crucial for our survival. We are facing the greatest struggle for the survival of western civilization, and we need an America that is not effeminized. As a matter of fact, the whole world does. I ask you, with what has now happened in Brussels, do you still want to criticize Donald Trump for wanting to protect America? Only the effeminized, weak, politically correct corrupt pundits will do so.


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