***Horse Race LiveWire*** GOP Candidates in Wisconsin for Town Hall Event

Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Donald Trump AP Photos

Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race. GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich will participate in a CNN town hall event in Wisconsin tonight and answer questions from voters.

All times eastern.

10:55: Kasich he has not talked with the Cruz campaign to strategize on how to deny Trump the delegates he needs to secure the nomination. But he says that campaigns always talked “and I’m not in the middle of that” and he hasn’t seen Ted since the last debate. He says he is not involved in the “process stuff.”

10:48: Kasich is asked about a potential vice president and he says that is “like measuring the drapes” and is “so far down the road.” He says you want to pick someone who you are comfortable with and someone who understands what you are all about but is also unafraid to speak up to you.

“You can’t just surround yourself with sycophants,” he says.

10:45: Kasich says he knew Medicaid expansion would not be popular. He also says he fought for corporate welfare reform when asked about unpopular decisions he has made. Kasich tells the questioner he would never believe how hard it was to balance the federal budget but it inspired a new wave of Republicans like Joe Scarborough to run for office. He says he is as much of a reformer/idealist now as he was then.

10:43: Kasich says we have to be careful about litmus tests when asked if he would appoint a Supreme Court Justice who will create a protected class for the unborn.


10:39: A questioner who races sled dogs asks Kasich about his policies on small businesses. Kasich speaks up his record in Ohio. He says small businesses pay virtually no taxes in Ohio and he wants to lower the income tax nationally. He says we also have to be careful not to snuff out the small lending businesses (community banks). He says the overregulation of the big banks have put smaller banks, which best know people in the local communities, go out of business. Kasich also talks about workforce development. He says kids should be educated for jobs that exist.

10:37: Kasich is asked whether he would support the GOP nominee. Kasich says “maybe I won’t answer it either.” He says when you are in the arena, you develop respect for people who are in the arena. But he says he has been disturbed by some of the things he has seen and he wants to see how it “finishes out.” He says he sure hopes the other candidates endorse him for president when he gets the nomination at the convention. “Frankly, all of us shouldn’t even have answered the question,” Kasich says. Kasich says if the nominee is someone who is hurting/diving the country, “I can’t stand behind him.”

10:30: Questioner asks Kasich why European security still remains the responsibility of Americans when Europeans are wealthy enough to defend themselves. Kasich says because “that’s what leaders do” but says the Europeans can do more. Kasich says “we don’t want to have those relationships deteriorate” or “be eliminated” because “we need to have a strong Western Europe.” Kasich says we should arm Ukraine. He says we should tell Europe they need to do more and use whatever leverage we have to get them to do more but America has always carried most of the burden in his lifetime. Kasich says you can’t knock all the pieces off the chessboard when you get frustrated.

10:26: Kasich says we need to have “open and free trade.” He says U.S. cars got better when Japanese cars came into the country. But he says when countries cheat on trade agreements, “we need to call them on it.” Kasich says when other countries cheat, “I will act as president of the United States.” He says Wisconsin fans would not put up with Ohio State asking for five downs (tell that to Missouri!) while the Badgers got four downs and we shouldn’t put up with countries that cheat. Kasich says he can say all kinds of things to get people stirred up but leaders say things that are unpopular re: his support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He says he was one of the most unpopular governors and now is one of the most popular.

10:23: Student who is leaning towards Trump says that the Brussels attacks highlighted the problem with neighborhoods that are hotbeds of terrorism. He asks if Kasich supports Cruz’s proposal to patrol Muslim neighborhoods. Kasich says he agrees with Bratton that Cruz’s idea is “ridiculous.” Kasich says Muslims won’t help the government find the bad guys if the government patrols their neighborhoods.

10:22: Questioner wonders if “anti-immigrant” forces will rise like they have been in Europe.

Kasich says we “have to protect the border. That is a given.” He wants a guest-worker program. Kasich again says he wants a path to “legalization” and “not a path to citizenship” for illegal immigrants. Kasich says we need “healing” in America and his solution is “reasonable.”

10:21: Kasich makes a good point that he led the fight to balance the budget in the 1990s and the GOP Congress spent it.

10:17: Questioner asks Kasich about expanding Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion. He is asked why he chose the Washington-based solution. Kasich points out that the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel endorsed him today. Kasich says he wanted to take care of the poor and drug-addicted and mentally-ill Ohioans. He says that was the “compassionate” thing to do. Kasich claims he is not for Obamacare because he did not accept the exchanges.

10:14: Kasich says his top strategist Weaver get a “little Tweet-happy” and didn’t know of his Tweet about “Lyin’ Ted” and he’ll have a word with him later on in the night.

10:12: Kasich says we can’t police Muslim neighborhoods because we can’t risk polarizing those already in the civilized world.

10:08: When asked about Brussels, Kasich says we need better worldwide intelligence and the U.S. president can rally the world to destroy people who want to destroy us. He wants to change NATO into a policing/intelligence organization that works across boundaries. He says it is “absurd” to suggest like Trump that NATO is “obsolete.” But he concedes that NATO countries won’t do as much as we want.

10:06: Kasich says he is best positioned to defeat Clinton in the fall and has more experience than anyone other than Clinton. He says he was ignored in most of the debates and people have just started paying attention in the last month.

10:05: Kasich says he hasn’t seen the Lewandowski video but has heard it was definitive and he would fire him if he were his campaign manager.

10:00: Kasich on deck.

9:57: Questioner says  her father is impressed with all of his kids and wonders why Trump can’t be more like his sons who are so “well-spoken and calm.” Trump says “I hear that.” Trump says he gets so many compliments on his children. Trump says his children have “great heart” and have a “wonderful, wonderful feeling” for people. Trump says the world is taking advantage of the United States and driving us to be a third-world nation. “It’s time to rebuild our country,” Trump says. Cooper wonders if Trump will call his new grandson “Cryin’ Ted.” Trump says no chance. Trump then asks, “Isn’t Ted’s real name Rafael?”

9:55: A Wisconsin Dairy Farmer who is leaning towards Trump asks him about immigration. Trump says he doesn’t want to affect business but people must come in “legally” through visa programs and it will work out “beautifully.” He then shifts to trade and says other countries are not accepting U.S. goods while we accept their goods without tax. He says we will straighten out our trade policies so Americans will get a lot more business.

9:54: Trump says town halls are much better than debates. He says more debates aren’t necessary because the same people just keep asking the same questions.

9:50: Trump is asked when he has learned from something and changed his behavior. Trump says he believes in flexibility and negotiate great deals and “it’s not all about signing executive orders.” Cooper is doing a good job of getting the candidates to actually answer the question.

Trump says he has changed course on “many, many things.” Trump says he is now pro-life and he was originally pro-choice and he has “evolved” and “made certain changes.” When Cooper asks when was the last time Trump has apologized for something, Trump answers, “Oh, Wow.” Trump says he believes in apologizing if he is wrong. Trump says he apologized to his mother for using foul language and to his wife for not acting presidential. Trump says “my biggest problems are repeats and re-Tweets.” 

9:46: Trump says he assumes Paul Ryan is “being straight with me” but he has been reading reports that Ryan is having “clandestine” meetings to potentially get the nomination at a contested convention. Trump says people who have never voted before are now voting for him. Trump mentions he got a few hundred more votes in Missouri. And Trump says it’s “bad politics” that someone who wins the election gets fewer delegates in Louisiana than the person who lost.

9:45: Trump: Romney should root for us instead of being a “negative force.” Trump says one of the biggest stories politics is all of the new voters turning out to vote for him and getting engaged in politics. Trump slams Cruz’s for his campaign’s dirty tricks against “honorable” Ben Carson and he says he watched Cruz and saw how “tormented he was” when asked if he would support the GOP nominee. “I don’t want his support. I don’t need his support. I want him to be comfortable,” Trump says of Cruz. He says he doesn’t want to make people like Bush/Cruz/Bush and others he has driven out of the race to “do something against their will.” Now Trump says he is a “unifier” and claims “some day you will see that.”

9:42: Trump says no longer promises to support the GOP nominee and he doesn’t need Cruz’s support. He wants the support of the people. He says the RNC, the Republican Party and the establishment have treated him “unfairly.” He now blasts Romney.

[Tony Lee: This town hall should be another wake-up call for Trump and his campaign. As I’ve said before, Trump is a hurler who throws gas, but he isn’t a pitcher yet. A thrower can’t beat Clinton in a general election. When asked about the federal government’s responsibilities, Trump should have said controlling illegal immigration and enforcing the country’s immigration laws. A gigantic opportunity missed. And another unforced error.]

9:36: Trump says the New York Times mocked him for saying Belgium was a “hellhole” and he has been proven right. He says NATO should be “rejiggered” and there are countries in NATO that are “getting a free ride” and “it’s unfair.” He says the United States can’t be the policemen of the world and “we have to rebuild our own country.” Trump says we have very big problems in our country. He says NATO has to be changer or “we have to do something.”

9:34: Questioner asks Trump why he believes the U.S. Should have a diminishing role in NATO. Trump says NATO doesn’t cover terrorism and it has to be changed for the better and “we’re paying too much” for NATO.

9:32: Trump says he is in for about $35 million and he claims he has never even thought about whether his campaign would pay him back down the line. Trump says there is “no influence over me.” He says banks/oil and gas are giving Cruz a lot of money while he is fundraising off of selling his “Make America Great” hats.

9:28: Trump is asked what, in his opinion, are the top three functions of the U.S. government. Trump says “security, health care, education.” But he says the top three are “security, security, security” so we can continue to exist as a country. He says thousands are infiltrating our country and “we don’t know who they are.” Cooper points out that Trump has said he is against Common Core and wonders why is thinks education is one of the top functions of government. Same with health care.

9:26: Trump is asked what he would say to people who claim he has not been successful in business. Trump says he started off with a $1 million loan from his father that he paid back. He says he started with $1 million and is now worth $10 billion.

9:24: Trump says we have to look “very seriously” at the mosques. Trump says he trust many Muslims but “some, I guess, we don’t.” Trump says we can be politically correct and pretend we don’t have a problem but “this is a war.” He says the difference is the terrorists don’t have uniforms and we don’t know who they are.

9:20: Questioner points out that 99% of people who wear turbans are Sikhs and how America can fight radical Islam while protecting the Constitution. Trump says we have a “serious” problem with radical Islam. He says he thought he would go down in the polls after calling for a temporary ban on Muslims but instead he went up in the polls. Trump says we have a “very, very serious problem” with radical Islam and “if we don’t want to discuss it, if we don’t want to look at it,” then we won’t solve the problem. He says we have no choice but to wipe ISIS “violently” off the face of the earth. He says he was against the Iraq War but we have no choice but to be “very vigilant,” smart, and “tough.” He says thousands of people are entering the country from Syria and we have no idea who they are. He says they have no paperwork, no identification.

Cooper asks Trump how he will protect the rights of minorities as the questioner ask. Trump says he wants to do that but we have a serious problem with radical Islam.

9:17: Trump says he thinks the Twitter photo he re-Tweeted of Heidi Cruz was a “fine” picture of her. When Trump says “I didn’t start it,” Cooper says Trump is making the argument of a five-year-old child. Trump says he would love to leave wives out of it and talk about nuclear proliferation but “I didn’t send the photo to everybody in the state of Utah. He did it.” Trump says he doesn’t let things go so easy and he would let other countries taking advantage of the U.S on trade, etc. He insists that Cruz’s friends and allies are running the anti-Trump group that sent around his wife’s GQ photo to voters in Utah.

9:14: Cooper keeps grilling Trump about allowing Japan/South Korea to get nuclear weapons. Trump suggests Japan must pay the United States or protect itself. Cooper asks Trump if he doesn’t want more nuclear weapons but is okay with Japan having nuclear weapons. Trump keeps evading the question as Cooper keeps pressing him to answer the question like he did with Cruz. Trump says he would rather see Japan having some form of defense and maybe some offense against North Korea.

9:10: Trump says the phone rang and Clinton wasn’t there “unless Sydney called.” Trump says of all the people running, he is the only one who can solve the terror problem in Pakistan. Trump says Pakistan is a “vital problem” and country because they have nuclear weapons. Trump says he will solve radical Islamic terrorism “far better than anyone else.”

9:08: Trump Fields should not have been touching/grabbing him and she wasn’t supposed to be asking questions because the press conference had ended. Now Trump says Fields’s pen could “have been a knife.”

9:06: Trump says Lewandowski did not “mislead him.” He says the video “exonerates him totally.” Cruz says Fields changed her story when she found out there were security cameras. Trump says the problem is everybody dumps people when there is a “sign of political incorrectness.” Trump now asks Cooper, “a professional announcer,” to read Fields’s initial statement. “Did she almost fall to the ground?” Trump asks.

Cooper responds: “No, she did not go down to the ground.”

Trump says it would be so easy to “terminate” his campaign manger and ruin his life. He says he has fired many people, especially on the Apprentice. 

Trump says Fields was “off base” because she went against the wishes of the Secret Service. He says Fields had a pen in her hand and it could have been “a little bomb.”

9:05: Cooper asks Trump about Lewandowski. Trump says he will continue as his campaign manager after reviewing the tape. Trump says Wisconsin voters are “shaking their heads… gimme a break.” Trump says Cruz’s home state is Texas though it may be Canada.

9:02: Disturbing image outside GOP town hall in Wisconsin:

9:00: Trump is on deck.

8:52: When asked about how he would ensure there are more qualified manufacturing workers in the U.S., Cruz says we “must reform education” and that is why Common Core must be eliminated. He says he will also abolish the Dept. of Education to block-grant money back to Wisconsin. He also talks up school choice as well (good move in Milwaukee) and says school choice is the “civil rights movement of the 21st century.”

8:49: Cruz vows there will be accountability in the VA if he is president. He says there needs to be reforms so veterans have the power to choose their own doctors. Cruz tells questioner, who lost his veteran son to an opioid overdose, that he lost his sister to a drug overdose and they are in the same “horrible club.”

8:45: Questioner asks Cruz what he has done and will do to persuade women to vote for him. Cruz says he has been blessed to have been surrounded by strong women. He says he admires his mom immensely and says she grew up in a working-class family in Delaware and was the first person in her family to go to college. He says his mother stood up to her father, who thought women should not be educated, and went to Rice and then got hired at Shell as a computer programmer. Cruz says his mother deliberately didn’t learn how to type when a man asked her to type something for him, she could, with a clean conscience, say she didn’t know how to type and so he would have to use her has a computer programmer. He also speaks about Heidi and how he gets upset seeing the “garbage” and “nonsense” she has had to deal with in the business world.

8:42: Cruz is asked how he would protect America while protecting civil liberties. Cruz says “you can walk and chew gum at the same time.” He says the Obama administration is not good at distinguishing between good guys and bad guys.

8:40: Cruz Now Won’t Commit to Supporting Trump If He’s GOP Nominee:

Cruz says he is not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks his wife/family (“should be off limits”). He says he is not an easy person to “tick off” but “when you go after my wife, my daughters, that does it.” He says he wants the race to be focused on issues/policies and “if other candidates don’t, that’s beyond the pale.” When asked if he would support Trump if he is the nominee, Cruz says he will defeat Trump. He says nominating Trump would be a “train wreck” and it would hand the election to Clinton. Cooper asked him three times.

FLASHBACK: During the March 3 debate, Cruz said in response to the same question: “Yes, because I gave my word that I would. I keep my word.”

8:35: Protesters demonstrating outside of GOP town hall in Wisconsin:

8:32: Dairy Farmer asks Cruz about immigration. Cruz says Arizona is spending millions less on prisons/hospitals for illegals, which means there are hundreds of millions more to take care of Americans while median wages have gone up for plumbers, carpenters. He says “our immigration laws should benefit American workers. That should be the focus of our immigration laws.” Cruz cites this Wall Street Journal story: “The Thorny Economics of Illegal Immigration.” Cruz says in the agricultural industry, the first option should be to find American workers. He says legal immigration should come in when there are not enough American workers to do the job.

8:30: Kasich campaign now slams “Lyin’ Ted.”

8:27: Questioner who is leaning towards Cruz asks him whether the name-calling in politics is a good example to be setting for America’s youth. Cruz says he worries about what lessons kids take watching presidential candidates insulting each other, yelling, cursing, attacking family members. Cruz says just when you think it can’t get uglier, it gets uglier. He says he has no ability to control what another candidate does but he promised his supporters that “we’re going to work every day with a joyful spirit” and “we’re going to do so with integrity.” Cruz says he has worked very hard this election cycle to not go in the gutter and respond in kind when he was personally attacked. He says he hopes that prevails in the end.

8:24: Questioner asks Cruz what he would regard as his greatest personal failure and what he would learn from it. Cruz says those are always “tricky questions.” Cruz says he is a “pretty driven guy” and that has “pros and cons.” He says he believes passionately in free-market principles and he memorized the Constitution as a teenager. He talks about how his father was imprisoned and tortured in Cuba and says it is an amazing thing to grow up in a house with someone who fled oppression. He says there was always an “urgency to politics” because having principled men/women in office is how you prevent tyranny. Cruz says while growing up in a Cuban-American household, there were Republicans and Communists. He says his hard-charging nature is a “strength and a weakness.” He says “what you see is what you get though” and “you know what you’re going to get in office.” Cruz says we need a president voters can trust to follow through in office.

8:17: Questioner asks Cruz if he will send an overwhelming force to send a message to ISIS. Cruz says Obama was not focused on America’s national interest when taking out Qaddafi in Libya. He says as a result, Libya was handed over to radical Islamic terrorists while Obama/Clinton were focused on spreading democracy. As Cruz sounds like a Senator, Cooper does a good job of trying to get Cruz to directly answer the question in less than 78 hours. Cruz says America’s focus in Syria should be toppling ISIS and not Assad. Cooper asks Cruz in order to topple ISIS, would he be willing to send ground troops. He says he will do whatever it takes militarily. Cruz cites overwhelming air power. When Cooper asks Cruz about carpet bombing, Cruz says “nobody has talked about targeting civilian areas.”

8:15: Questioner asks Cruz about the role of religion in decision-making process. Cruz says his faith is an “integral part of who I am.” He says he is a Christian and isn’t going to hide from that. He says there have been far too many politicians who go around acting like they are “holier than thou.” Cruz says he is asking voters to vote for him because he has spent a lifetime fighting for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and free enterprise. He says the Bill of Rights protects all religions–even atheists. He says the Constitution/Bill of Rights is a “unifying principle” that can bring Americans of all races/ethnicities/religions together.

8:14: Cruz whines that mainstream media networks have given Trump tons of air time. COOPER POINTS OUT THAT HE HAS ASKED CRUZ FOR INTERVIEWS AND HIS CAMPAIGN HAS REPEATEDLY DECLINED HIS REQUESTS. [Can’t have it both ways.]

8:13: Cooper asks Cruz if he has any proof the Trump campaign planted the story (Rubio allies reportedly shopped the story around for months). Cruz says “of course I do” when Cooper says he doesn’t know for a fact that Trump’s campaign planted the story.

8:12: Cruz says America should “not make the mistakes of Europe” and actively work to stop radical Islamic terrorists.

8:08: When asked about patrolling Muslim neighborhoods, Cruz says there was a “horrific” attack in Brussels and Obama could barely be stopped to say anything about it while at a baseball game with a Communist dictator in Cuba. He slams Obama for not saying the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” Cruz says Obama just lectures Americans about Islamophobia after terrorist attacks. Cooper keeps pressing Cruz on what it means to patrol Muslim neighborhoods and Cruz keeps trying to buy time. Now he speaks about the difference between Islam and Islamism. Cooper again asks him what he means by his comments re: patrolling Muslim neighborhoods. Cruz says Obama, Clinton, Bratton attacked him for his comments and he wears that criticism as a “badge of honor.” Cruz says de Blasio gave into political correctness and shut down the NYPD’s Muslim surveillance programs.

8:07: Cruz says a contested convention is possible he will be in a “very strong position” if there is one.

8:05: Cruz says Kasich has no path to winning and his campaign is competing to win and not just to stop Trump.

8:03: Cooper congratulates Cruz for securing Walker’s endorsement. Cruz says he would ask Lewandowski to resign if he were his campaign manager. Cruz says there is no place in politics for physical violence and “going to the gutter.” Cooper points out that it is “highly improbable” for Cruz to secure 85% of the delegates remaining to secure the nomination. Cruz says when there are two guys in the woods and a bear starts chasing them, you just have to outrun the other guy. Cruz says Trump benefits from “division” because he has a floor of a about 25%. Cruz says Trump will have a difficult time reaching 50% in a head-to-head battle with him.

8:02: Each candidate will get an hour at CNN’s town hall event in Milwaukee. Cruz is up first.

8:00: Video of former Miss Wisconsin Thanking Trump for His Support While She Is Battling An Incurable Disease:

Here’s the letter she wrote Trump:

7:04: Trump says Cruz won the Texas GOP primary only because of “the Great Sarah Palin.” And then he again says Democrats will sue him if he is the nominee re: eligibility:

Trump holding town hall in Wisconsin:

6:47: Trump says the easiest thing to do would be to say “Corey, you’re fired!” But he says he can’t and then says Fields’s facial expression didn’t change and she didn’t scream. Trump says the video shows Fields didn’t fall to the ground and her statement changed “big league” before she knew she was on tape. Trump is now reading Fields’s initial statement in the same way he reads the lyrics to Al Wilson’s “The Snake.”

6:37: Trump praises Aaron Rodgers. He says Tom Brady told him Rodgers is a “great quarterback.”

6:35: Trump says Cruz pretends to be an outsider while getting all of the support from the establishment.

6:25: Scene outside of Trump’s Wisconsin rally: Trump Supporter Holding Up “Charlie Sykes Sucks” Sign

6:18: Trump says you need mouth, brain, and heart to succeed:

6:14: Trump says we can’t have countries like China, Vietnam, Mexico “ripping us off.” Trump says he’s going to be in Wisconsin for the whole week “because if we win in Wisconsin,” it’s “going to be over.”

6:08: At a Wisconsin rally, Trump says he is beating Cruz by millions of votes and he is just a “messenger.” Trump says he has written down some notes about Wisconsin and “it’s devastating.” Trump says Walker “certainly can’t endorse me after what I did to him in the race.” He says there are 20,000 fewer people in the labor force than seven years ago. He says the middle class in Wisconsin has been hit “very hard” due to losses in manufacturing jobs. He mentions that Wisconsin has lots tons of jobs to Mexico because of NAFTA and Walker/Cruz both want TPP, which will make “NAFTA look like a baby.” Trump says he is criticizing Walker because he endorsed Cruz.

5:10: Massive line for Trump event in Janesville, Wisconsin:


4:58: Trump says he was ahead of public opinion (majority now support a Muslim ban) on a  temporary Muslim ban and blasts NATO again:

4:50: Trump says Megyn Kelly is only successful because she follows Bill O’Reilly.

4:47: Trump says he would have fired Lewandowski in “two seconds” had he pulled Fields down. Trump says he advised Lewandowski to not settle. Trump says Fields’s initial statement sounded like she got “thrown off of the building.” Trump says Fields’s facial expression never changed at all. He says “no jury would convict a man” and “destroy a man” over that tape.

4:45: Trump says his policies will not “increase hate” because it will increase jobs, profits. He says “there’s a lot of hate in Wisconsin” and gives Walker credit for “withstanding it” but also doesn’t give him credit because “you want to bring people together.”

4:43: Trump says “the motorcycle people” love me. “It’s like my highest demographic,” he says. Trump adds that Walker is a “nice person” but cites the “statistics on what’s happening with jobs” in Wisconsin. Trump says Walker “gave up” and “quit” very early and his “poll numbers went way down” because “his numbers are horrible in Wisconsin.”

4:41: Trump talks about trade. He says “our jobs are being sucked away.” He says Walker “went way down” because he gave all of the statistics on how bad Wisconsin’s job environment was and “he couldn’t dispute them.”

4:38: Trump says he hopes Lewandowski’s role will not change. Trump says people “see what took place” and “it’s so minor.” Trump said reporters have said the incident was “minor” and it’s a very “sad” day when a “man can be destroyed” over something that “minor.” Trump reiterates that Fields grabbed him first.  “How could someone be charged for that?” Trump says.

4:35: On his plane before his Janesville rally, Trump claims campaign manger was “maligned.”

4:29: Rubio Trying to Keep His Delegates from Trump:

3:58: Cruz to keynote North Dakota GOP Convention:

3:43: Lewandowski Interview Postponed:

3:42: Another Tweet from Trump:

3:40: Scene at Wisconsin Holiday Inn Where Trump Will Speak Before Town Hall:

3:30: Lewandowski on O’Reilly’s Show Tonight:

3:20: Kasich Comments on Charges Against Lewandowski:


3:10: Trump Keeps Tweeting:

3:05: Piers Morgan Offers His Take:

2:40: More Good Numbers for Trump in National Poll:

2:39: Top Kasich Strategist: Lewandowski Would Be Fired If He Worked for Kasich:

2:38: Top Clinton Surrogate Brock Now Giving Advice to Trump Campaign: Fire Lewandowski:

2:37: William McGurn in the Wall Street Journal: Trump Can Defeat Hillary. 


2:36: Sanders’s Team Argues He’s Better Candidate in General Election:


2:35: Sanders Supporters Start #ToneDownForWhat Campaign Against Team Clinton:

2:33: Clinton now railing against “sub-minimum wage.”

2:31: Trump Has Huge Lead in Another National Poll:


2:29: Trump Spokeswoman Claims accuses Fields of just wanting attention:

“What we have seen over time is the story did change a little bit,” Pierson said. “She didn’t even go to the authorities for a couple of days after the attention started to rev up. I think we will see moving forward she wasn’t too concerned about the reaction initially. She didn’t contact the campaign or the authorities. She didn’t contact anyone other than Twitter when the alleged incident occurred.”

“A lot of these bloggers think they are known, and they really aren’t,” Pierson said about Lewandowski’s claim that he has never met or seen Fields prior to the alleged battery.

“The allegation is he grabbed her aggressively and threw her to the ground. That did not happen,” Pierson said.


2:25: Kasich in Wisconsin:

2:20: Cruz responds to charges against Trump Campaign Manager Lewandowski:


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