Donald Trump Spox: Wisconsin ‘Last Competitive State,’ Schedule Forward ‘Very Complimentary’ to Trump

Katrina Pierson CNN

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s national spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, joined guest host Matthew Boyle, Breitbart News’s Washington Political editor, on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM to discuss the upcoming primary in Wisconsin on Tuesday.

“It is going to be a very competitive state,” she said, adding, “This is probably the last competitive state at this level.”

“You see every single Republican leader, establishment, and follower of the party gang up on the one person that’s won one of the most votes,” she challenged. “Regardless of who wins Wisconsin, Donald Trump’s schedule forward is going to be very complimentary of his campaign.”

Pierson highlighted that Trump’s home state of New York is coming up after Wisconsin as is other northeastern states.

She noted though, that in Wisconsin on Tuesday, “A win for Donald Trump would be phenomenal.”

“We do have some other things we are going to be rolling out with regards to foreign policy,” she teased, saying Trump is the only candidate not on the government pay roll who is taking it personal to fix the mess that politicians have created.

Pierson said that in Wisconsin, Trump is “going to remind people that it was Senator Ted Cru and Paul Ryan that wrote a joint op-ed together pushing for Obamatrade,” she challenged, referencing a recent ad put out by Cruz saying Americans need fair trade.

“This is exactly how politicians work,” she jabbed, adding, “putting the American worker at the bottom of the barrel.”

“He knows there are only two other candidates including Bernie Sanders who are gaining the traction of the workers,” she suggested about Cruz.

Pierson said that trade and jobs have been the “pinnacles of Donald Trump’s campaign.” She also added, “Immigration is key to solving the majority of the problems financially in this country.”

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