***Horse Race LiveWire*** Top Trump Adviser: Cruz Favored Uncontrolled Muslim Migration That Would Turn U.S. into Europe

<> on March 24, 2016 in Dane, Wisconsin.
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Welcome to Breitbart News’s live updates of the 2016 horse race.

All times eastern.

9:40: Trump in Wisconsin: Marco Rubio was supposed to be the future of the Republican Party and I beat him by 20 points in Florida. Pretty soon, they are going to say “Trump is the future of the Republican Party.”

9:35: Trump plans to announce 10-12 judges he will potentially appoint to the Supreme Court.

9:30: Clinton reportedly “confident” there will be another debate but says she’s “not negotiating.”


9:06: Trump also says he will be extremely boring as president:

“My natural inclination is to win,” Trump said. “And after I win, I will be so presidential that you won’t even recognize me. You’ll be falling asleep, you’ll be so bored.”

9:05: He also tells the Post that America is headed for a “massive recession” and it’s a “terrible time” to put money in stocks right now:

Donald Trump said in an interview that economic conditions are so perilous that the country is headed for a “very massive recession” and that “it’s a terrible time right now” to invest in the stock market, embracing a distinctly gloomy view of the economy that counters mainstream economic forecasts.

9:03: Trump also says he will eliminate the debt in eight years and have top federal employees sign non-disclosure agreements:

Were he to be elected president, Trump said he would want high-level employees of the federal government to sign legally binding nondisclosure agreements so that staffers couldn’t write insider accounts of what it’s like inside a Trump White House.

“When people are chosen by a man to go into government at high levels and then they leave government and they write a book about a man and say a lot of things that were really guarded and personal, I don’t like that,” Trump said.

9:01: In an interview with the Washington Post, Trump refers to himself as the “Lone Ranger.”

Trump said that everyone close to him — family, friends, Republican leaders — have been urging him to tone down his attacks and reach out to former rivals, both to reassure wary voters and to begin the difficult process of unifying a party in which many have sworn to never back him. Trump does not intend to take the advice. He said such overtures are “overrated.”


“Sometimes you have to break an egg,” Trump said, and Cruz and Kasich were the two remaining eggs.

8:59: Trump to hold Long Island rally at Bethpage.

Donald Trump is planning a campaign rally this Wednesday in Bethpage — his first on Long Island.

The Republican presidential candidate has requested a permit to hold the rally at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Grumman Studios, Nassau County spokesman Brian Nevin said Saturday night.

8:54: Trump says Iraq is the “Harvard” for terrorists after Clinton’s foreign policy at his final Saturday rally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He also says he is not a “NATO expert.”

8:52: Cruz in Wisconsin:

8:50: Trump optimistic about North Dakota:

8:45: Sanders campaign wants to debate Clinton on April 17.

6:07: Trump asks kids in the audience to raise their hands and promise to never take drugs and “take it easy on alcohol” and “no cigarettes.” Trump says “you’ll never get hooked” if you never take drugs, alcohol.

6:05: Race is played on Trump’s home turf after Wisconsin:

6:00: Cruz with six CO delegates:

5:55: Trump says it would be a terrible thing if North Korea and South Korea go to war but “if they do, they do.”

5:50: Trump says it’s time for people to stop looking at the United States as a place with “stupid leaders.”

5:32: Trump says he’s running because the country has given him so much and in the good years that he last left, he wants to give something back.

5:30: Trump calls anti-Trump radio host Charlie Sykes a “whack job” who is neither “smart” nor “talented.”

5:25: Trump says we are the policemen for the world and many of the countries we protect are “very, very rich” like the Saudis.

5:19: In between campaign stops, Trump caught a segment on Fox News and promptly slammed the network on Twitter:

5:17: Trump says “I don’t owe anybody anything” because he is self-funding his campaign.

5:16: Bernie Sanders:

5:14: After saying voters should tell candidates to “show me” their plans/details, Clinton takes another swipe at Sanders:

5:12: Trump said he met Vince Lombardi once at a restaurant when he was young.  Trump says Lombardi got away with toughness because he won. And that is why “big, strong powerful players” feared him and respected him. Trump says the United States doesn’t win anymore. Trump says we don’t win at war, trade.

5:10: Trump wall shirts behind Trump:

5:08: In Wausau, Wisconsin, Trump tells supporters to tell the protesters, “we love you over there.”

5:05: Kasich plays a Bieber song at the end of his rally:

4:35: Good news for Cruz in Colorado:

4:02: Sanders taking on credit card companies:

3:58: Carson says an open convention where someone other than the person a majority of Republican voters have chosen gets the nomination would be a “holiday” for Democrats because it will be “very hard to consolidate” the party and fracture it.

3:57: On CNN, Dr. Ben Carson says Trump needs to be better at “political speak” on complex issues like abortion.

3:50: Kasich also says an open convention will help Americans learn civics again:

3:20: Palin: “Three reasons to vote for him Wisconsin: 1) Jobs 2) Jobs 3) Jobs.”

awesome event in beautiful Racine, WI! A great speech by Donald J. Trump – three reasons to vote for him Wisconsin: 1) Jobs 2) Jobs 3) Jobs 🇺🇸

Posted by Sarah Palin on Saturday, April 2, 2016

3:15: Trump Admits to Maureen Dowd (Why is he giving her an interview during the primary season?): It ‘Was a Mistake’ to Re-Tweet Heidi/Melania Pic:

“Yeah, it was a mistake,” he said, sounding a bit chastened. “If I had to do it again, I wouldn’t have sent it.”

3:00: Clinton, who claimed Benghazi occurred because of a Muhammed video, says she doesn’t trust Trump with the military:

2:45: Trump talks about bringing good jobs back to America and getting companies like Apple making products in the United States again. “Believe me.”

2:43: Trump on his “cheapo” Wisconsin radio ad:

2:40: Trump says the press is doing everything they can to stop his movement. “They hate it” because it’s not the establishment.

2:37: Trump on Europe/NATO:

2:35: Melania heading to Wisconsin on Monday:

2:30: Trump says he can do what’s best for the country because he is not beholden to lobbyists. He says a pollster didn’t give him the idea of a temporary Muslim ban. He says it was just “common sense.”

2:25: Cruz in North Dakota:

2:22: Trump is outraged that illegal immigrants are taken care of better than illegal immigrants.

2:20: “Trump’s Angels.”

2:18: Trump says Christianity is being “chipped at” and we’re being “chipped away.” He says America has the infrastructure of a third-world country.

2:15: Cruz now speaking at North Dakota GOP convention:

2:14: Fiorina in North Dakota for Cruz:

2:07: Trump says his abortion comments to Face the Nation were “so good” and “so perfect.” He says there is a double standard the media have for him but he is not going to complain.

2:00: Trump says Cruz “totally supports” the Trans-Pacfic Partnership. He says the worst thing about the deals is that they don’t talk about currency manipulation.

2:00: Trump campaign accusing TN GOP of trying “to steal your vote.”

1:59: Trump supporters fighting back against TN GOP establishment over delegate flap: ‘Trust me, there will be a war.’

Dozens of outraged Donald Trump supporters are protesting the state’s Republican Party Saturday, accusing party leaders of attempting to tamp down on support for the GOP presidential front-runner as they move to finalize Tennessee’s delegation to the national convention.

The protest comes one day after the Trump campaign accused the party of trying to “steal” delegates, even after he handily won the state’s primary last month. On Saturday, Trump’s backers flocked to the party’s executive committee meeting in Nashville, doubling down on the allegations that officials are trying to stack the Tennessee’s delegation with members likely to vote for another candidate if given the chance.

1:56: Trump says he told Palin he is now realizing how “dishonest” of a business politics is.

1:53: Trump whacks “Lyin’ Ted” for dirty tricks against Ben Carson.

1:52: Trump talks about getting “earned media” and “self-funding” his campaign. He says he’s controlled by the people and quips that he’s also controlled by Sarah Palin.

1:51: Like at Camp Randall Stadium:

1:42: Palin now stumping for Trump in Wisconsin. She says Trump will “win for America” and “will make America great again” because “he’s going to put it in our hands.”

1:40: Miller says this election is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stand up for American jobs and sovereignty.

1:35: Miller blasts politicians for surrendering manufacturing jobs to China, Mexico because “they don’t care about you.” He says there is no man who has pushed harder to send your jobs overseas than Ted Cruz. He says Cruz will sign the “death warrant” for Wisconsin’s middle class. He blasts Cruz for wanting to give up America’s soul–its sovereignty–to support TPP.

1:30: Trump Campaign: Cruz Wanted to Replicate in U.S. Same Conditions in Europe with Uncontrolled Middle East

In Wisconsin, Trump’s Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller, a former top aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), says in 2012, we had an “epic battle over immigration” and Cruz introduced an amendment to increase by 500% the number of low-wage foreign workers coming into America to compete against Americans. Miller says Cruz also introduced an amendment to double the number of Muslim migrants coming into the United States without any regard for how that would affect the security of Americans. Miller says he was happy to “replicate here in the United States the same conditions we have in Germany and Belgium and across Europe with uncontrolled migration from the Middle East.” “That is the real legacy of Ted Cruz,” Miller says, adding that Trump is the only candidate in the race saying “let’s pause these programs to protect the American people.”

1:20: Sanders vows his campaign will be honest and will always tell the truth. Gets endorsement from Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon:

1:05: Trump campaign telling supporters to not engage with anti-Trump agitators in Racine, Wisconsin:


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