Obama’s Illegals Scoff at his Temporary Amnesty: ‘Bread Crumbs to Keep Us from Starving’

Breitbart Texas File Photo/Bob Price

Foreign-born children of illegal immigrants who were granted special legal status by President Barack Obama to work and study in the United States say they’re increasingly worried that their special status may not survive the election.

Maria Rea, one of the young illegals who are dubbed by Democrats ‘DREAMers,’ described Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals as “nothing much more than bread crumbs to keep us from starving.”

“So many of us are grateful because we’ve been starving for so long, but at the end of the day, bread crumbs are just bread crumbs,” she told VICE News.

Obama established the DACA program in June, 2012, during his 2012 reelection campaign and amid high unemployment rates for Americans. So far, at least 836,000 young illegals have gotten temporary residency and work-permits from Obama’s program.

Rea spoke of the “frightening” possibility that she could have her temporary legalized status revoked, which would make it hard for her to get a job.

“Even something as simple as when I apply for a job, I feel like I have to disclose that if they do offer me a job, I might not be able to continue next year because my work permit might not be renewed,” she said. “What if this company doesn’t offer me a job because they don’t see me as a permanent person?”

Jose Aguiluz told VICE that thanks to DACA he had to plan his life in “two-year stretches.”

“It’s a scary feeling. It’s a lot of uncertainty. I don’t know what my life’s going to be past November,” he said.

The young illegals interviewed by VICE said that they preferred to have a Democrat win the presidency, to sustain their future in America. “If someone like Trump gets elected, shit’s gonna hit the fan,” said James Jeong who lives in New York.


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