Donald Trump Campaign’s Colorado Plan: ‘Changing Minds’ of Convention Delegates

Cruz Supporters APMatt Rourke
AP/Matt Rourke
Washington, DC

Following what appears to be a series of sweeps in Colorado delegates favorable to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign is preparing for the last four congressional district (CD) delegate votes Friday and the state GOP Convention on Saturday, where the final 13 delegates will be selected.

“We are distributing Trump slates in each CD and at the state,” Trump’s Colorado state director and veteran political operative Patrick Davis told Breitbart News on Friday. “We are talking with convention delegates face to face [and] changing minds.”

Davis’s strategy for Friday and Saturday delegate selection comes after Cruz received all delegates favorable to him for the third straight congressional district on Thursday evening.

Davis, who only joined the Trump campaign on Tuesday, is attempting to turn the tide on Saturday when 13 more delegates will be selected at the state GOP Convention.

Colorado’s 37 delegates are being selected from congressional districts and at the state GOP convention. Thirteen delegates are chosen at the state convention, 21 are selected from congressional districts, and the other three are Republican National Committee (RNC) delegates.

These Colorado delegates will go to the Republican National Convention in July to vote for the GOP nominee.