The Black Power Movements Fifty-Year Love Affair with North Korea

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un looks out towards Kim Il-Sung square during a mass milita
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As North Korea threatens the United States with nuclear annihilation, it’s worth remembering that the Black Panther Party was an active ally of North Korea nearly 50 years ago.

This is important to note because in the age of Obama, the Black Panther Party suddenly has more cultural resonance then it has at any time since its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s.

Just in 2016 alone, we’ve seen Beyoncé Knowles perform a Super Bowl halftime show that paid homage to the Panthers, PBS aired and funded a feature length piece of pro-Black Panther propaganda and, last weekend, armed gunmen from a group calling itself the Huey P. Newton Gun Club defended the Nation of Islam from anti-jihadist protesters in Dallas.

However, despite this pop-culture and political resurgence the left-leaning media has whitewashed the Black Panthers, hiding the true history of its violence as well as its own, stated, political motivations. Looking at the current deluge of writing and analysis about the Black Panther Party, you would never know, for example, that the Black Panthers killed more people than the KKK in the last 50 years.

Obviously, nothing excuses the actions of the Ku Klux Klan, whose bloodiest era came in the late 1800s when it was the activist arm of the Democrat Party.

As awful as the KKK was, the Black Panthers were uniquely awful; not just due to the body count it piled up in the 60s and 70s as they attacked police officers and killed and tortured their own members but also because of the Panther’s open and traitorous actions consorting with nations that were America’s known enemies.

This aspect of the Black Panthers has been all but lost in the retellings of its story by the modern press, so it’s incumbent on independent media such as Breitbart News to make it clear: the Black Panther Party was not just advocating an armed guerrilla overthrow of the United States government in order to install socialism, it was actively working and supporting nations like North Korea that one to destroy capitalism and kill Americans.

In 1970, Black Panther Minister of information Eldridge Cleaver, future Panther leader Elaine Brown and other American leftist radicals took part in the World Conference of Anti-Imperialist Journalists. Cleaver was in foreign exile at the time for his role in a police ambush in Oakland, but he and the group were welcomed by America’s Asian enemies, North Korea, North Vietnam, and China.

Brown acted as a propaganda machine for the Communists. She described North Korea as a sort of socialist Shangri-La, in a passage that frankly sounds like it could’ve been ripped straight from the campaign playbook of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. Elaine Brown dripped with enthusiasm over North Korea giving women 70 days of maternity leave and wrote:

The people who live on cooperative farms actually live at a much higher living standard than the average person in the United States who would be involved in farming work, or even a worker…

Each person, for example, is provided already with heath care and medical facilities, with child care, with housing, with some clothing allotment, with a free educational system up through what we would call high school and even college education.

Not effusive enough for you? Eldridge Cleaver went even further in praising the country that had murdered hundreds of thousands during the Korean War in the name of communism, and would go on to enslave and starve its own people by the millions:

Today, (North Korea) is an earthly paradise, with an advanced socialist system, highly developed technology, a brilliant national culture and a healthy people definitely on the move towards even greater achievements.

Tn fact, Eldridge and Kathleen Cleaver’s daughter was born in Pyongyang.

This treasure trove of documents from the Wilson Center documenting the radical left’s love affair with North Korea includes Cleaver’s own letters and notes , and demonstrates what an overly enthusiastic useful idiot Cleaver became in collaborating with America’s enemy. In one document:

Eldridge Cleaver praises Kim Il Sung and the Korean people as models of the anti-imperialist struggle and suggests that US imperialism has been crumbling since its “defeat” in the Korean War. Cleaver praises North Korean economic development in heavy industry and light industry and in agriculture which serves the purpose of liberating the people. Suggesting that the Korean peninsula can only be unified by the Koreans themselves, Cleaver indicates his support for North Korea’s efforts to unify Korea against US imperialism, warning that the US imperialists that they will suffer a heavier loss if they provoke another war.

Eldridge Cleaver later claimed to have seen the error of his ways and supported Ronald Reagan. Although he had a troubled personal life and remained a reprehensible person in some ways, this long 1981 speech by Eldridge Cleaver is both fascinating and powerful in his renunciation of the Communist free games he once praised.

Kathleen Cleaver, on the other hand is still promoting the revolutionary cause and never seems to mention the lessons she should have or could have learned from her dance with the Communist North Korea.

In the coming months as we approach the 2016 election, you’re likely here many separate news stories about both North Korea and Black Lives Matter. The media won’t connect the rabid anti-Americanism of both groups, but now you can.

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