Pro-Palestinian Muslim Agitators To Join Anti-Trump Manhattan Protests


NEW YORK CITY, New York — A New York-based Islamic group with ties to radical organizations, and headed by an Islamic activist, is planning to disrupt Donald Trump’s appearance at the New York State Republican Gala on Thursday night.

The Muslim Democratic Club of New York is headed by Linda Sarsour, who recently received half a million dollars from the Democratic-run city of New York. As the New York Post reported at the time, the city’s decision to fund Sarsour is controversial:

“Sarsour, a longtime ally and vote-getter for Mayor de Blasio, got into a Twitter war last October with Queens Councilman Rory Lancman, who is Jewish, when she posted a picture of a Palestinian boy clutching rocks in front of Israeli soldiers, labeling it “The definition of courage.”

After Lancman replied, “No, the definition of barbarism,” Sarsour tweeted, “The Zionist trolls are out to play. Bring it. You will never silence me.”

As previously reported by the Daily Caller, Sarsour has been a regular visitor to the White House, despite being being linked to with several radical organizations:

In April, White House officials invited members of the National Network for Arab American Communities to a White House meeting.

“Our issues are American issues that affect our entire nation … and we will ensure that our community’s voice is at the forefront of public debates around healthcare, immigration and national security reform,” Linda Sarsour, NNAAC’s national advocacy director, said in an April press release.

Sarsour has been a White House visitor on seven different occasions. Her network includes 23 separate member associations, including the Illinois-based Arab American Action Network.

That group’s director, Hatem Abudayyeh, has been under criminal investigation at least since late 2010, when FBI agents raided his home as part of an investigation into terror-related financing.

The Muslim Democratic Club of New York is using a Facebook Page and Twitter Account to organize.

From the Facebook page:

“Why would the New York State GOP invite the despicable Donald Trump to speak at their gala unless they endorsed his message? Donald Trump insults women, immigrants, people with disabilities, Muslims and Black people. The NYS GOP has voted against transformative criminal justice reform legislations, denied immigrants access to financial assistance for higher education, voted against women’s interests and the list goes on. Sounds Trump-like to us.


Let’s send a strong and loud message to the GOP that they should be ASHAMED of themselves for giving this fascist a platform and join us to protest the hateful, racist, xenophobic, anti-Muslim, bigoted GOP Presidential front runner candidate Donald Trump. New York City knows how to shut it down so let’s do it for our Latinx, Black, And Muslim brothers and sisters! NYS, NYC & our nation deserves better than this vitriol spewing hate monger!



This development comes as liberals from groups, including labor unions fighting for a $15 minimum wage, Black Lives Matter protesters, and professional leftist groups, are all involved in the protests against Trump in New York City.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich will also speak at the Gala in New York on Thursday, but they’re not getting protested by the institutional left outside. The event will be held at the Grand Hyatt in New York City.


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