Pro-Lifers Target Companies That Incinerate Dead Babies


In the latest clever maneuver by pro-lifers to go after Big Abortion, they are now targeting medical waste companies that incinerate aborted fetuses. Some are arguing that aborted babies must be handled by funeral homes.

If they are successful, the cost of disposal and therefore the cost of abortions will increase substantially and the abortion giants know this.

Renee Chelian, who owns the Michigan Northland Family Planning abortion chain was caught on tape two years ago admitting that she has “five months of fetal tissue in my freezer” and that “we are all one incinerator away, or one incineration company away, from being closed.”

Even after cutting the bodies up and selling the body parts, there is still the body. Plus, Planned Parenthood aborts more than 300,000 babies a year. That is a lot of bodies to do away with.

Enter a company called Stericycle, an Illinois-based company that was recently named by the Ohio Attorney General as “Planned Parenthood’s main medical waste service provider in America.” Stericycle uses an industrial incinerator to dispose of aborted babies. These are not the kinds of incinerators used by funeral homes, however, and are therefore much less expensive for the abortion clinics. Funeral homes are notoriously expensive, far more than industrial incinerators.

A group called Created Equal has initiated  #ProjectWeakLink to shame Stericyle CEO Charlies Alutto into cutting ties with the abortion business.

Stericycle has been in the pro-life cross-hairs for years. In 2011 Stericyle was fined $42,000 for illegally dumping aborted babies in Texas landfill. According to the pro-life website LifeSite, “Pro-life activists had called for an investigation of the medical waste giant in 2013 after evidence emerged that Stericycle unlawfully dumped the bodies of babies killed by Gosnell in a municipal landfill.”

Mark Harrington, national director of Created Equal, said, “If we don’t act NOW to pressure these medical waste companies to discontinue providing Planned Parenthood the services to dispose of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them, we will have missed a historic opportunity to stop the killing,” stated Mark Harrington, national director for Created Equal. “The time is now to demand that Stericycle stop enabling Planned Parenthood to kill babies.

At the end of March, Created Equal began leafleting in front of Stericyle’s Lake Forest, Illinois headquarters which has drawn a legal complaint from the company asking for a temporary restraining order.

Stericyle claims its waste disposal of the aborted babies falls within the law because they do not dispose of “complete human remains” but rather the fragmented parts of babies.

Created Equal has announced, “The legislature in Ohio is tightening the language for what is considered humane disposal of aborted babies”

Harrington says, “Abortion centers in Ohio are furiously trying to figure out where to dump the babies. Now, when this law is passed they will need to contract with funeral homes adding another impediment to killing children. PP and other abortion facilities are in trouble BIG time in Ohio!”

The strategy of pro-lifers has evolved over the years to include efforts in state legislatures to protect women in abortion clinics and hamper the clinics’ ability to make a profit. More than 200 state laws have been passed in recent years, demanding that clinics widen their hallways so that ambulance gurneys can pass, and requiring abortionists to have admitting privileges at the local hospital, a fairly simple privilege that abortionists have a problem getting.

The result of these laws has been the closing of dozens of abortion clinics, myriad lawsuits, and one case before the Supreme Court.


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