Ted Cruz: ‘I Do’ Follow Donald Trump On Twitter

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Sen. Ted Cruz tells a room full of New Yorkers that he follows GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump on Twitter.

“Let me ask you, on Twitter, do you follow Donald Trump on Twitter?” Anderson Cooper asked the senator during a CNN town hall.

“I do,” replied Cruz. “Although the truth of the matter is you could sit alone in a woods in the middle of nowhere and somehow still hear Donald’s tweets.”

Over the course of the Republican presidential primary race Trump’s tweets have created national news frenzies. Just a few weeks back Trump came under fire for tweeting out another social media user’s tweet that included a split shot image with an unflattering photo of Cruz’s wife Heidi and attractive photo of Trump’s wife Melania. The battle of the wives ramped up after an anti-Trump PAC ran Facebook ads with a partially nude modeling photo of Melania Trump.

Heidi Cruz told the crowd that she benefits from not tweeting both in the town hall with Cooper and previously in an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. She said that she saves a lot of time not tweeting and has not been seriously impacted by it.

Ted Cruz reminded the audience of his repeated calls to Trump for a one-on-one debate.

“This should be a gathering with Anderson moderating and Donald here, but Donald is not willing to debate.  He doesn’t want to talk about the substance. He doesn’t want to talk about the issues. Instead, he wants to tweet attacks.”

He also admitted to being a frequent Twitter user when he answered an audience member’s question concerning what his family would say is the “most annoying thing” about him.

Cruz confessed that his wife would probably say she hates his iPhone. “I will admit I am addicted to my iPhone and I play iPhone games a lot. I’m either on Twitter and e-mail or I’m on iPhone games. And Heidi can’t stand it. She has many times wanted to throw it out the window.” However, he said, his two daughters love the iPhone and play games with their father on it.

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