N.C. Businesses Hanging ‘All-Gender’ Signs in Public Bathrooms

all gender restroom sign WYFF News

A gay-rights group called Campaign for Southern Equality is reporting that over six dozen businesses have contacted them for an “all-gender” restroom sign in an attempt to skirt the controversy surrounding North Carolina’s new religious freedom law with its gender-specific bathroom provisions.

The group reports that up to 77 businesses in Asheville, N.C. have contacted them to supply the “all-gender” signs.

Some of these signs are being placed on single-occupant bathrooms such as the public restroom at the Woolworth Walk in Asheville. These are bathrooms meant for use by one occupant at a time. But other signs are being placed on multi-occupant restrooms, the gay activist group reports.

Regardless of the type of bathroom, whether multi-user or single occupant, the signs are a way to skirt the rules that bathrooms specified to a gender should only be used by a person biologically matching the gender the facility is designated for.

The group’s spokesperson, Ivy Hill, also noted that they are getting requests for the new signs from as far aways as Texas and California and they are endeavoring to fill all requests.

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