Video: Jeff Sessions Warns That Obama Could Shove Unpopular Free Trade Deal Though Congress


Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who has endorsed GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, published a video on Monday warning that President Barack Obama and Congress might try to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal before the end of the year.

The video is titled “Sessions Warns Against Ramming Through Unpopular Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

Sessions outlines how he thinks leaders will “slip the TPP through after the election in a lame duck Congressional session.”

“It’s arrogant,” Sessions said. “The president has made clear he intends to continue to push though this 5,544-page trade agreement that the American people don’t want. Polls show consistent disapproval of the TPP.”

“The American people are uneasy about [the TPP]. They’re not for this. Support for it is sinking. Elections are turning on it, and it does not need to become law,” Sessions says in the video. “Who’s right here? The American people who are worried about their jobs, their wages, their incomes, or the experts who promise all these grand things if we would just sign these agreements and everybody’s going to be better off for it?


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