Mark Levin: Cruz Isn’t ‘Sellout’ for Working with Kasich, It’s ‘Art of the Deal’

Conservative host and bestselling author Mark Levin defended GOP candidate Ted Cruz from accusations that he’s a “sellout” for forming an alliance with Ohio Governor John Kasich to prevent Republican frontrunner Donald Trump from getting enough delegates to win the nomination on the first ballot at the Republican convention.

Levin posted a video segment from his LevinTV show to his Facebook page with the comment: “Sellout? Nah, it’s the ‘Art of the Deal.’”

Below is the complete transcript of his LevinTV video:

Campaigns are allowed to work together or not. They’re allowed to organize together or not. They’re allowed to strategize together or not. I can’t think of two politicians who are more different frankly than Cruz and Kasich. Oh, wow, what a sellout Cruz is. A sellout what? He’s trying to become the Republican nominee. He’s trying to ensure that Trump doesn’t get to 1,237. This has been going on as long as America. This has been going on as long as the two party system. This is how we got Abraham Lincoln.


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