Donald Trump Jabs Barack Obama for Taller Fence Around White House

White House fence jumper Vanessa Pena via AP
Vanessa Pena via AP

The Secret Service has announced plans for a taller fence for the White House to deter the number of fence jumpers onto the property.

According to a briefing by federal officials, the plan is to build a “taller, stronger” fence to protect the president.

The irony wasn’t lost on Donald Trump, who posted a message to Obama on his Facebook page.

“President Obama understands that you build strong, tall, beautiful walls to keep people out who don’t belong,” he wrote, sharing an article about the fence changes. “People who get permission can enter the White House LEGALLY!”

Unfortunately the new fence will not be completed in time for Obama to enjoy the added security. According to the Secret Service, construction for the fence is scheduled for 2018.


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