VIDEO: Trump Backstage With Families Victimized By Illegal Alien Criminals

Protestors crowd the street after a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Thursday, April 28, 2016 in Costa Mesa, Calif.
AP Photo/Chris Carlson

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump honored families who have lost loved ones to illegal alien criminals, while angry protestors were waving the Mexican flag outside, during last Thursday night’s Rally in Costa Mesa, California.

Backstage video shows Trump interacting with the mothers and those involved in the Remembrance Project. The group supports families who have lost loved ones to the actions of individuals illegally present in the United States. The group also works to bring attention to these stories in relation to the issue of illegal immigration.

Trump has previously met with many of the families who have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime. He turned over a July press conference to give them a platform to share their stories.

Sabine Durden, who lost her only son Dominic to a criminal illegal alien, told Breitbart News:

I was with the Remembrance Project, Robin Hvidston, her wonderful patriot friends and Brenda Sparks, who also lost her son Eric, because of an illegal alien.

We were escorted backstage and when Mr. Trump saw us, he smiled and called out: ‘here are my friends’. He remembered us because a few of us met him in Beverly Hills on July 10,2015 when he sat with us, listened to us for the first time and made sure our tragic stories were heard.

He talked with us for a little while, I received  a comforting hug and we took pictures with him. He then asked if we wanted to join him on stage.

It is such an honor and always exciting to be in his presence, to feel how very down to earth and very caring he truly is. Mr. Trump is my only hope for things to change for the better in this country. He is my hero and he is the only one that gave my late son Dominic a voice.

I am so very grateful that he took time out of his busy schedule to meet with us again.

Brenda Sparks, who lost her son Eric to the actions of an illegal alien, told Breitbart News:

It was an honor to meet again with Mr. Trump in Costa Mesa. He is the only candidate who has reached out to families of those killed by illegals. He doesn’t want one more American permanently separated from their family (by no fault of their own) by illegals. He not only stands BY us; he stands WITH us. I’m voting for Trump in June AND November.

Robert Lauten with the Remembrance Project group told Breitbart News that in addition to participating in the Costa Mesa rally he had been backstage with the group at a Trump rally in Las Vegas. “I think he spent more time with us than the high donors. We had a stolen lives quilt there. He was very personable.”

Anti-Trump protesters outside the amphitheater would come to escalate over the course of the night.

While anti-Trump protesters swelled outside the rally, thousands of Trump supporters were turned away as the amphitheater venue was filled. While anti-Trump protests would grow violent over the course of the evening, the Trump supporters stuck outside began to sing God Bless America.

Before the sun set hoards of anti-Trump protesters gathered and in one on the ground video you can hear chants of “kill whitey, kill whitey.”

Inside the amphitheater, insulated from the growing protest outside, Trump spoke of the rise of homicides, rapes and aggravated assaults in nearby Los Angeles. At one point Trump said, “Our rallies are the safest places to be on earth.” The mood inside the amphitheater was peaceful and enthusiastic.

“We have a movement going on,” Trump reminded the crowd. “They used to call it the silent majority, but now they’ll call it the noisy majority.”

The GOP frontrunner repeatedly emphasized to his supporters the importance of getting out to vote in California’s June 7 primary and encouraged them to bring friends.

He told the crowd, “If I don’t win I will consider it a complete waste of time energy and money.”

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