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Costa Mesa

CalPERS New Reporting Understates Pension Costs

Despite the rising panic over the solvency of California public pension plans, CalPERS’ annual report no longer prominently discloses what additional percentage of employee pay that each of its state, school and local clients pay each month for employee pensions.

Reuters / Max Whittaker

14-Year-Old Bulldog Rescued After 4 Days at Bottom of Well

Angus, a blind, 14-year-old English bulldog, was rescued by firefighters on Saturday after he was luckily found by a neighbor who noticed a 10-foot deep, dried up well in the backyard of his owner’s Costa Mesa home, into which the pooch had fallen several days before.

French Bulldog (David Offf / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

California Primary: The L.A./Orange County Frontier

nowhere is the race likely to be closer than in California’s 47th congressional district, the terrain of influential conservative Orange County Republicans and progressive Los Angeles County Democrats.

Lil Jon on Catalina (Mark Davis / Getty)

Anti-Trump Protests Rage, Mexican Flags Fly Outside CA Trump Rally

Angry protesters swarmed outside a Donald Trump campaign rally in Costa Mesa, California Thursday night, drawing scores of police in riot gear and on horseback as Trump supporters responded singing God bless America and the Star Spangled Banner.

Costa Mesa protest Reuters

Another Christmas Tree Destroyed by Fire in CA

A 35-foot artificial Christmas tree that was donated to the city of Stockton’s Weber Point several years ago was devoured by flames early Monday morning, rendering it a total loss.

Christmas tree fire (Orin Zebest / Flickr / CC / Cropped)