Jerry Brown: Donald Trump’s Success ‘Something Strange’

Gov. Jerry Brown of California September 22, 2015 in Seattle, WA.
Matt Mills McKnight-Pool/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Following GOP frontrunner Donald Trump’s campaign rally and speech at the California GOP Convention, where protesters raged last week, Gov. Jerry Brown commented on Trump’s success throughout the primary election, saying it’s a “strange” phenomenon.

“I think people are upset. Wherever you look, there’s a lot of climate of discontent,” the California Democrat told reporters, suggesting Trump is using voters’ fears and anxieties.

The world is changing, the demographics, the immigration, the values. It’s a turbulent period, and everybody says they want change and innovation, but when it comes at the pace that it’s coming, it causes anxiety and even fear. And there will be people who will use that for their campaign fodder and for their own objectives.

Brown called Trump a “phenomenon worth examining,” adding “something strange” is happening.

He also commented on the protesters, saying they should be “respectful,” but that he doesn’t think they affect the New Yorker.

“I don’t think it really slows him down,” Brown added. California’s primary is still nearly one month away.