Presumptive Nominee Donald Trump Aims at Hillary, Cruz Clears the Way

Trump Indiana AP Mary Altaffer
AP/Mary Altaffer

On the night he effectively became the Republican nominee in the race for the Presidency of the United States, Donald Trump gave a subdued and substantive speech.

Flanked by his family, the business mogul looked to start healing the wounds of a tough primary contest by offering praise for Senator Cruz, whom he repeatedly called a “tough, smart competitor,” with “a very bright future.”

Besides praising Senator Cruz, Trump also thanked Bobby Knight, Jeff Sessions, Sarah Palin, Dr. Ben Carson, Jerry Falwell Jr, Chris Christie, and Reince Priebus by name at some point in his remarks. “We want to keep them involved,” he said.

The speech came just minutes after Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign and on a day when Indiana voters delivered a decisive victory that made Donald Trump’s path to a majority of the delegates undeniable. In an instant, all the delegate stories that have become a big part of the political narrative became irrelevant.

While Hillary Clinton was suffering yet another loss to a populist socialist, Donald Trump offered just a glimpse of how he plans to dismantle the presumptive Democrat nominee, saying, “She doesn’t understand trade” and tying her to NAFTA, which he called, “The single worst trade deal ever done” in the history of the world.

Trump outlined a general election policy vision that includes building the wall, taking out ISIS, fixing the Veterans administration, creating and saving jobs, and rebuilding infrastructure.

After promising to make America great again, the Republican nominee finished by saying, “You’re going to be so proud of this country, very soon, thank you!”


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