Michael Walsh: Merkel Is ‘Probably the Worst German Chancellor Since Hitler’

Chancellor Angela Merkel visits the GTAZ (Gemeinsames Terrorismusabwehrzentrum) anti-terror center on April 26, 2016 in Berlin, Germany.
Carsten Koall/Getty Images

Michael Walsh, who spends much of the year living in Ireland, tells Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon about conditions in Europe.

“I’m in California at the moment, but I’ve lived a great deal of my life in Europe – ten years in Germany, for example, when I was at Time magazine,” Walsh said.  “I went back and forth behind the Iron Curtain pretty steadily, from ‘85 to ‘91. I was there when the Berlin Wall came down, and I was in Russia when Chernobyl blew up, among other things. So my perspective is pretty up close and personal.”

He mentioned, half-joking, that the IRA could now “declare their war against England over, because their work is done in England now that the Muslims have taken over – all the boys can come home and have a pint in the pub.”

“In Ireland, we’re still pretty much insulated from this, because we don’t have the ‘colonials coming home to roost’ problem that the Brits do,” he continued. “But, on the other hand, the Germans are in very, very deep trouble. Angela Merkel is probably the worst German chancellor since Hitler, and I don’t mean that lightly at all. She’s done more to destroy that country, culturally speaking, than anybody.”

Walsh recalled exploring issues of “what is our culture, where does it come from, what are the roots of Western culture, and how do we defend it against Islam, in this particular case,” in his book The Devil’s Pleasure Palace.

He called the European Union “just a substitute for the Soviet Union, without the military force,” and judged the EU incapable of dealing with the social and economic stresses of mass migration from the Middle East, which he said was more properly viewed as an “invasion.”

“They don’t have an army to speak of, and they can’t defend themselves,” Walsh said. “We’re watching this extraordinary thing going on. There was just a piece that moved this morning about how Italy will bear the brunt of the next wave of Islamic so-called ‘migration.’ It’s actually an invasion, and the Europeans are literally unable to conceive of it as an invasion.”

“If those millions of Muslims marching in from Syria and elsewhere were armed, they might be able to understand it,” he added. “But because they’re unarmed – and this is the genius of it – the Europeans have disarmed themselves long ago, and the result is gonna be a takeover of Europe, unless the leadership comes from Eastern Europe – Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia. Places, especially Hungary, that have a long, long, history of being occupied by Islam, and have no intention of returning to that.”

“The Soviet Union was transitory, but Islam is not. These people understand that very, very clearly,” he said of those Eastern European nations.

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