DAVI: The GOP Establishment Joins The Hollywood Left to Fight Donald Trump and The American Voter

AP Photo/Seth Perlman
AP Photo/Seth Perlman

My dear fellow Americans,

I am pissed off right now.

I am enraged, and so should every one of you who have seen America being pillaged by those on the right and the left.

First, let me discuss those who are on the right. In my day when someone gave their word, made an oath, it meant something and was kept. Today, we see so-called conservatives reneging on their word, solely because Donald Trump is the nominee. Much has been was made about the candidates saying they would back the nominee, and now we see some jockeying for position. What we have is the GOPe injecting its thinking on the people’s candidate: Donald Trump. It is like they want to be sure he gets in lock-step behind their agenda, and somehow, ignore the growing mandate coming from the American people.

Well, my dear friends, it is Trump’s agenda that inspired the biggest turnout in a GOP primary — and now, the establishment wants to subvert the people by withholding their allegiance to Trump. And what’s more disgusting, they do it in the name of conservatism. We all keep hearing a concern that Trump will cause the GOP to lose the House and the Senate. Let me tell my pundit friends at the Daily Caller, National Review, and in the GOPe that Trump is the only hope of you not losing the House and Senate. You were going to get your clocks cleaned.

Let me say I supported Mitt Romney, respected him, but now, I have unfortunately lost respect for him, besides the fact he should have won in 2012 but was MIA along with his campaign. Romney lost the election because he lacked the instinct to win against President Obama, but now all of a sudden, he turns his vitriol on a man who supported him. Think about what a scumbag thing that is to do. It clearly shows how disgusting politicians are.

Then we have Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and a few others licking their wounds and not unifying around Trump. What a bunch of pansy-asses. Let’s take boxing for an example. Sometimes the crap gets kicked out of someone in a heavyweight title fight, but after the fight, the opponents show mutual respect. Not in the GOPe. Trump bloodied the hell out of them, yes, blood coming out of their “whatever,” but instead of showing sportsmanlike respect they project jealousy and resentment. Men have forgotten how to be men.

The same with Bill Kristol and his ilk still trying for a third party run. They are not only spitting in Trump’s face — they are spitting on all of his supporters. All weekend, I heard this nonsense from these folks about Trump and women. Look, Congressman Huelskamp, stop your crap, and look at Donald Trump’s children. Are you supposed conservatives so brain dead that you cannot see his character in his children? Any mother or father meeting Trump’s children must admit this. Can’t you see the country is sick and tired of chest-beating conservatives that seem holier than thou? You guys are done. Get it? You have not protected America and now the voting bloc has been gerrymandered left. Donald Trump has more conservative values than any of you and will, like Reagan, put America first.

Now, this brings me to the left. You are in cahoots with the left of Hollywood. Bill Maher and Michael Moore had a love-in the other day at which they both agreed that, like Romney and Kristol, they will do everything they can to make sure Trump is defeated. To Maher, I say this: How can you rail about the left’s inability to say the words “radical Islam” and support Hillary? You seem like an honorable guy, Bill: Let me share a few things with you and the rest in Hollywood who do not want Trump elected. You are the same people that did not want Reagan to be President. If Reagan was running today, we would see the same kind of opposition to him as Trump is receiving. The GOPe, the media, Hollywood, pundits, all underestimated and ridiculed Ronald Reagan.

I recently did a charity on the U.S.S. Midway for the Rosie network and STEP, both organizations helping the veterans and their families. Quite a few Navy SEALs were present. Men who are training the SEAL teams, along with an Admiral. I will give you one guess who they are supporting: Trump. Did you know that 90 percent of the military is behind Donald Trump? These are the men and women who fight for us.

Why does Trump have their confidence and Hillary does not?

Do you know what they told me about Benghazi, Bill? How the lack of response is even beyond what is currently known? Why don’t you invite some of these men and women on your show, Bill, and spew your nonsense to them ? Is it because maybe one of them would not just sit on your couch, let you pontificate and mock more then half the nation that feels differently than you do, but is too polite to tell you to shove it? You need some folks on your show that will be able to challenge your biased point of view. I watched you arguments against Trump. Who wrote your material ? One of the writers from MAD Magazine? Come on, really? That’s what you got? Those you invite on your show sit there and sniff your ass and you probably go home, look in the mirror and read your frayed copy of Mao and Friends.

Look, I know my standing in this business. I may not be considered “A” list or part of the Hollywood elite, but I know who I am and what I stand for. I am just a soldier of Cinema, one of the guys, one of the band, one of the crew, I am just an American that knows a shill game when I see it. And we have been bamboozled. We have been sold down the river and the American people know this. Not the unassimilated Americans, not the indoctrinated Americans, not the illegals, not the commissars of today’s elite media, pundits and politicians; no, not them — but the red blooded black, white, Latino, Asian, European, male, female, gay, lesbian, transgendered, poor, wealthy, educated, uneducated, blue collar, white collar, working, military, law enforcement, young, old, Americans that understand that this great experiment has been contaminated by the very people who were to stand guard over her.

The President joked at a University graduation about the “strain of anti-intellectualism” that some have. No, Mr. President, it is not anti-intellectualism the folks are against; it is the anti-Americanism that has infected our nation. We need borders, Mr. President. We do want the Good Old Days when we had a nation that celebrated Judeo-Christian values and not the Marxism you worship.

So, my dear Friends, as we go forward with the conventions and the election in November, keep your eye on the goal and let’s work our hearts out to getting Donald Trump elected President. “Let’s win one for the Gipper.”


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