White House Dismisses ‘Passionate’ Divisions Between Bernie and Hillary

Win McNamee, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Obama administration is downplaying recent blowups between the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaigns, accusing the media of mistakenly hyping the differences between the candidates.

“I think if anything, the reason that people are so passionate about the current primary processes is they understand the stakes in the general election,” spokesman Josh Earnest said, pointing out that there were obviously “strong feelings on both sides” of the contest.

He told reporters that similar concerns were raised when Clinton and Obama were in a close fight for the Democratic nomination in 2008, but that both campaigns were able to unite in time for the convention.

Earnest said that Obama would assist in making the case for unity for the general election after a nominee had been chosen.

“Obviously, there will be a need for Democrats to come together in the general election,” Earnest said. “And the president will be making that case.”


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