District Attorney: Armed Citizen Performed ‘Public Service’ by Killing Robber

Pharmacy Owner Kills Suspect

The district attorney for Levittown, Pennsylvania says a pharmacy owner performed a “public service” by shooting and killing a robber Friday morning.

According to 6 ABC, police said the would-be robber entered the store with a shotgun and attempted “to mask his gun with an umbrella, but the owner was ready.” Police said the store owner–Kenneth Lee–had installed “a good camera system” so he saw the suspect as he approached the store.

Lee warned the suspect numerous times to freeze, yet the suspect charged and Lee “fired nearly a dozen times.”

District Attorney David Heckler said Lee will face no charges, saying, “There is no thought that we would prosecute the shooter in this case. He was entirely justified in his conduct, and frankly should be commended. From what I can see, he performed a public service in taking out this fella.”

Heckler added, “The fella asked for what he got and he got it.”

The suspect, who died due to multiple gunshot wounds, had zip ties in his pockets.

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