Elizabeth Warren Raises Questions over Donald Trump’s Loans with Deutsche Bank: ‘Huge Conflicts of Interest’

Elizabeth Warren Jacquelyn MartinAP
Jacquelyn Martin/AP

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) responded to a recent Mother Jones article, questioning presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s business dealings with Deutsche Bank.

Warren stated:

The job of the President is to enforce the law fairly. If a serial lawbreaker like Deutsche Bank is caught manipulating markets again, how would Trump hold it accountable knowing that the bank had the power to pull the plug on his own businesses? That’s a question that should worry every American. These financial entanglements—along with many of his other ongoing business concerns and arrangements—present huge conflicts of interest.

Warren was responding to a story earlier in the week suggesting that Trump’s loans from Deutsche Bank, which total at least $100 million, pose a conflict of interest if the real estate mogul were to be elected president.

“After all, the bank was recently caught manipulating markets around the world (and had to pay $2.5 billion in fines), and it has tried to evade US laws aimed at curtailing risky financial shenanigans and has attempted to influence the US government via lobbying,” Mother Jones notes.

Read the full Mother Jones report here.


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