EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Black Lives Matter Activist Convicted of ‘Lynching’

Black Lives Matter Pasadena Organizer Jasmine Richards YouTube

PASADENA, CA—The activist left is trying to drum up support for Jasmine Richards, a Black Lives Matter activist convicted Thursday on a charge of Attempting to Unlawfully Remove a Suspect from Police Officers after her violent interference with law enforcement by claiming that she was convicted of “lynching.” However, an exclusive interview with Breitbart News reveals the real details behind the Black Lives Matter thug’s encounter with police.

As reported on JetMag.com:

Jasmine Richards was arrested by Pasadena police officers last year when a woman who had allegedly left a restaurant without paying joined her and a group who had gathered in a nearby park, according to the Los Angeles Times. Prosecutors say Richards tried to start a riot when police tried to arrest the woman. Richards was taken into custody by police several days later.

Jasmine Richards is a militant black lesbian activist with a long history of political clashes with law enforcement. Richards was part of the Ferguson, Missouri, riots and was arrested in April of 2015 on two outstanding warrants for terrorist threats, assault, trespassing, and petty theft.

Breitbart News exclusively interviewed the owner of the shop where the original incident allegedly took place, and the details reveal a great deal about the racist motivation of Black Lives Matter.

The owner, who did not wish to be identified for fear of her safety, is a Hispanic woman who runs a restaurant that was across the street from where Black Lives Matter was demonstrating.

The owner told Breitbart News that a young black woman who was not connected with the protest came into the restaurant and demanded she be given a drink without paying full price. After being told she needed to pay for the drink to get it, the young black woman became angry and eventually physically assaulted the restaurant owner, hitting her on the head.

The restaurant owner says she and other workers attempted to restrain the woman and called the police. At that point, the young black woman started to leave the restaurant to avoid the police. On the street in front of the restaurant, the woman assaulted restaurant employees again, striking them with a cell phone.

At this point, the restaurant owner said, Black Lives Matter protesters from across the street began to get involved. They asked no questions about what was going on, but immediately sided with the black woman against the Hispanic restaurant owner and her employees.

The owner says she was shocked that the activist would immediately come to the defense of the woman without knowing the situation. After that, police arrived, a chaotic scene was created, and activist Jasmine Richards got involved.

The video posted by Pasadena News shows the melee created by Richards and the other Black Lives Matter activists administering street justice.

###Black Lives Matter and “Lynching”

As noted at JetMag.com:

But Black Lives Matter organizers say (Richards) was essentially convicted on a “lynching” charge according to California law. A statement on the group’s website cites California Penal Code from 1933 which read: “The taking by means of a riot of any person from the lawful custody of any peace officer is a lynching.”

The language of the code was changed in 2015 after Maile Hampton, an activist who was protesting police brutality near California’s state capitol in Sacramento, was convicted on the lynching charge. Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill last year that removed the word “lynching” from the law and defines a person found guilty of the action as a felon. However, the penalty, up to four years in prison, remains the same and Richards is facing that amount of time in jail at her sentencing hearing on Tuesday.

Many people today have come to believe lynching is essentially “something racist white people do to innocent black people.”

Black Lives Matter is attempting to play into people’s ignorance of the real meaning of the term “lynch” that the Oxford dictionary defines as to “kill (someone), especially by hanging, for an alleged offense with or without a legal trial.”

Activists like Shaun King wasted no time in making a martyr out of Jasmine Richards in a Daily News column saying Richards “is the first political prisoner from the Black Lives Matter movement after conviction for felony lynching” and asserting that “her prosecution and conviction are not truly criminal; they are political,” adding:

The arrest and subsequent conviction of Jasmine Richards is a miscarriage of justice and a complete failure of the system to actually protect people from criminals. What has happened is an egregious abuse of power, a waste of taxpayer dollars, and is not about serving or protecting, but is all about penalizing a young activist who has been extremely outspoken against the Pasadena Police and local government.

Jasmine Richards, in effect, is the first political prisoner of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Everything about her needless prosecution is about proving who is in control and who runs the system. It is about power and privilege. It is about shaming and stopping her work.

It seems Shaun King believes that interfering with police is Jasmine Richards’ “work,” inasmuch as it links to her anti-police activism.

Richards and the Los Angeles Black Lives Matter chapter have made stories like the Redel Jones case a personal cause of theirs. Despite the media whitewash that Black Lives Matter is against police brutality, the Redel Jones case is yet another example that shows the movement is against law enforcement as such and often turns criminals into martyrs.

As the Los Angeles Times reported on Redel Jones:

According to the report, the officers were chasing Jones down an alley near Santo Tomas Drive and Marlton Avenue when they saw her pull out a large knife. The officers ordered her to drop the weapon, the report said, but Jones continued to run.

When Jones “suddenly stopped and turned toward the officers,” the report said, one officer used his Taser, “which did not appear to have an effect.” Jones allegedly “began to advance toward one of the officers while still armed with the knife,” resulting in the shooting.

Money and a robbery demand note were found in her clothing, the document said, and the knife was near her body.

According to LAProgressive.com in August:

For the second week in a row, community members forced the Police Commission to an early recess when members of Black Lives Matter and other groups became disorderly.

In a call-and-respond chant, several activists shouted “Say her name” followed by “Redel Jones.”

Jasmine Richards made ominous threats about the case: “We’re going to get justice or else,” said Jasmine Richards from the Pasadena chapter of Black Lives Matter. “I’m tired of playing with you guys. This is a letter to you from black folks, the hood, people from the ghetto — take it how you want to, but you’re not going to rest easy tonight.”

This is more of what Black Lives Matter considers “work.”

Once again, Black Lives Matter is using word games and lies to make its case and agitate the masses. What about the victim, the minority woman who told me that she was assaulted?

When you’re assaulted by Black Lives Matter, you’re no longer “the people.”

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