Bernie Sanders Defiant: ‘We’re Gonna Win California!’

Bernie Sanders in SF (Scott Olson / Getty)
Scott Olson / Getty

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) held one of the last rallies of his California primary campaign in the Bay Area on Monday, where he defied the Associated Press projection of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee regardless of Tuesday’s result.

Sanders told the roaring crowd at Crissy Field in Presidio, “We’re gonna win here in California!”

Musician Dave Matthews, actors Danny Glover and Shailene Woodley, Princeton professor Cornel West, and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) were present to perform and introduce Sanders to the large crowd.

“In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of people here tonight. And this is the extended Sanders clan,” Sanders said as he walked onto the stage with his wife, two sons, daughter and grandchildren.

“I want to thank all of you for being part of the political revolution, for understanding that it is just too late for establishment politics and establishment economics, and that we need to transform America,” he said. He added although the campaign stated off as a “fringe campaign, that’s no longer the case.”

Sanders and Clinton both held rallies in California on Monday — Sanders in the northern part of the state and Clinton in the south. Despite the AP’s projection, neither candidate made reference to it in their rally speeches. Six states are holding primaries on Tuesday.

During her “Get Out the Vote” rally in Lynwood, Los Angeles on Monday, Clinton urged voters to get out and vote on Tuesday — perhaps fearful that the AP’s announcement might depress turnout.

“I want to finish strong here in California. It means, it means the world to me,” Clinton said.

Clinton has 1,812 pledged delegates, which she has won in primaries and caucuses, and the support of 571 superdelegates. However, the superdelegates do not vote until the July convention, which has sparked outrage from Sanders supporters who are calling the AP’s report premature, resulting in a #StillSanders hashtag trending on social media.

Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs issued a statement in response to the AP, blasting the media for making a “rush to judgement” in declaring Clinton the nominee.

Clinton held her own concert Monday evening, featuring Christina Aguilera, John Legend and Stevie Wonder at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Sanders will be in Southern California on Tuesday evening and will return home to Vermont on Wednesday. Clinton will be in Brooklyn, New York to watch the primary results.

Sanders also found time to attack the presumptive Republican nominee: “Let me give you some reassuring news: Donald Trump will not become president of the United States. And he will not become president for a number of fairly obvious reasons,” Sanders said.

He blasted Trump for his attack on Indiana-born judge Gonzalo Curiel — who is of Mexican descent — calling him a “hater.” Curiel, who is presiding in a lawsuit over Trump University, was appointed to the federal bench by President Barack Obama.

Sanders said Trump’s “attack on Latinos and Mexicans” was “not new … What Trump wants to do is divide us up.”

“What we need to understand is that diversity is our strength,” Sanders concluded.

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