California Primary

Kamala Harris Loretta Sanchez Debate (Mark J. Terrill / Associated Press)

FLEISCHMAN: CA GOP Has Fared Poorly in ‘Jungle Primary’ Era

Over the past few weeks, leading into the California Republican Party’s convention in Orange County this weekend, there have been mailings supporting the argument that the “top two” or “jungle primary” system created by Proposition 14 in 2010 is a good idea.

America First Trump rally (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

Trump Rallies Draw Huge Crowds. Does It Matter?

Donald Trump’s rallies have been drawing large, capacity crowds across the country over the past week, dwarfing — by far — most of the crowds at Hillary Clinton events. But do Trump’s crowds mean anything — and if so, what?

Hillary Clinton magnet (Clinton campaign)

Hillary Clinton Campaign Swag Gets Date of Victory Wrong

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign is celebrating her victory in the Democratic presidential primary by sending a commemorative refrigerator magnet to supporters who donate $10 or more. However, the date on the magnet is incorrect.

California primary (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Voting Process for California Primary was ‘Chaos’

Chaos, confusion and frustration reigned at the polls in Southern California yesterday, as hundreds of voters were forced to fill out provisional ballots, making it apparent that counting their votes would become a week-long endeavor.