Peeping Toms Strike Again: One in New Jersey Office Building, Another in Georgia Macy’s

Dunwoody Police Department
Dunwoody Police Department

Two peeping Toms have been reported on the same day, one in a Macy’s changing room in Georgia and another in an office building in New Jersey. Both perpetrators were accused of using cell phones to record women using the facilities.

A peeping Tom was arrested on June 2 after admitting to police that he used his cell phone to record women and young girls who were using a changing room in a local Macy’s department store.

Police in Dunwoody, Georgia, report that when they confronted Patrick Bailey, 33, after store clerks accused him of invading the privacy of customers, he admitted to taking video of several woman as they shopped and as they were in the changing rooms in various states of undress.

Dunwoody police are asking the public if anyone else has had any encounters with the man. If so, they should contact Detective Gilbert at 678-382-6997.

In the second case, police in West Windsor, New Jersey, are searching for a man they suspect of using a cell phone to take video of a woman using the women’s bathroom in the Carnegie Center office building. This incident also took place on June 2.

The woman reported to police that she heard mysterious sounds in the bathroom, and after she entered a stall, a man’s hand appeared under the door. The man was holding a cell phone.

The victim described the man as Hispanic, in his mid 40s, with short, dark hair, and “small beady eyes.” He was wearing worn gray sneakers and dark navy blue work pants or denim jeans.

This is not the first time recently that a peeping Tom was arrested for peeping on someone using a changing room or bathroom. In April, a man was arrested at Sea-Tac Airport for using his cell phone to take video of a boy using the bathroom. Just last month, police in Texas were searching for a man who committed a similar crime in a Target bathroom. Breitbart News recently posted a list of 20 such crimes that have been committed in the last few years.

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