Mitt Romney: Something ‘Worse than Shooting Someone’ in Trump’s Taxes

Mitt Romney Profile Justin Sullivan Getty
Justin Sullivan/Getty

Failed 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney again put pressure on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump to release his tax returns.

“He doesn’t pay taxes. He doesn’t have much income. He’s receiving income from unsavory sources. He has ownership in enterprises that are perhaps associated with unsavory enterprises or nations or groups,” Romney stated during an interview on CNN on Friday.

“There’s something in those taxes that’s even worse than shooting someone on Fifth Avenue,” Romney jabbed, referencing a joke Trump made about his supporters not leaving him, even if he shot someone.

“He will follow one excuse after the other to say why he can’t,” Romney added. “And he’ll never release them because there’s something in there that he feels is worse for him than shooting someone on Fifth Avenue.”

Trump has cited an IRS audit as the reason for not releasing his tax returns.


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