Daniel Horowitz: There Is a Fifth Column in the American Government


Asked by Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon if there is “essentially a fifth column in the national security and homeland security apparatus of the United States,” Daniel Horowitz, senior editor at Conservative Review, said, “Oh yeah, this is nothing new. It started pretty much in the second term of the Bush administration.”

Horowitz continued:

There’s something called CVE, Countering Violent Extremism. It’s not just an Orwellian term to expunge any mention of Islamic terror and make it about a kind of generic extremism, including so called Right Wing extremism; it’s a term of art. It is a very specific term concocted by the Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR. They have successfully introduced this lexicon in our DHS [Department of Homeland Security]. These people are most commonly found in the Homeland Security Advisory Council, as well as the civil rights and civil liberties division of DHS.

Breitbart News recently highlighted the issue with a piece drawn from a Horowitz item at Conservative Review, “The GOP’s Muslim Brotherhood-Inspired Post-Orlando Agenda”:

Next, Republicans could bring legislation to the House and Senate floors, finally designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, thereby freeing up law enforcement do [sic] expunge them from our government and go after the mosques controlled by Brotherhood front groups. This would cut to the foundation of the radicalization problem inside Muslim communities in this country. It would also remove the Muslim Brotherhood foxes guarding the hen house within our sensitive counterterrorism advisory boards for the FBI and DHS. The bill designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terror group [H.R. 3892] already passed the House Judiciary Committee in February.

But no. Republicans will have none of that. Instead, Republicans plan to package a bunch of nothingburger bills that, in best-case scenario, completely distracts from the core problem, and in the worst case, actually promotes the Muslim Brotherhood agenda.

Horowitz’s interview on Breitbart News Daily Tuesday also highlighted:

If you had a situation where there’s rampant, ubiquitous arson all over the country, and you find out it’s the firefighters committing the arson, and they’re everywhere, and they’re being cheered on, and then a group of people who are cheering them on successfully say, “You know what: we need to ban fire in your  kitchen.” And they successfully make the narrative all that. This type of fire. What about fire for someone who’s mentally ill? And nobody is talking about the issues. We literally had a debate all of yesterday, and we’re going to have it all of today, probably for the rest of the week, about how much … how many people do we want to ban from getting a gun. Meanwhile, we are bringing the problem to our shores. A) Through immigration. Then once they’re here – and some of them have been here for several decades – we have the Muslim Brotherhood radicalizing them, writing their textbooks in their schools, obviously sympathizing with the terrorists, making these guys want to identify with them in the mosques and all the community centers. And then most importantly, or most egregiously, they are in every level of our counterterrorism and Homeland Security apparatus: DHS, FBI, State Department.

Republicans, as their response to Orlando, they crafted legislation using the term Countering Violent Extremism, giving them more resources to further the goals and objectives of CVE. So they basically empowered Obama and legitimized this program.

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