RNC Opposes Pro-Trump March and Rally in Court


The beginning of the end game has begun as the corrupt elites – politicians, media, and financiers – bring all hands on deck to stop Donald Trump by every means possible starting at the convention in Cleveland.

The RNC Committee on Arrangements chaired by Steve King has sided with the City of Cleveland in opposing pro-Trump groups from having a peaceful rally during the convention week by filing a Motion to Intervene in a pending lawsuit, along with a huge brief stating their opposition to such an assembly. The RNC against We the People!

A group of pro-Trump organizations who requested permits for a march and rally (originally the Stop The Steal – Our Votes Matter events ) is now represented by the ALCU in a lawsuit to overturn the City’s rules that force us onto a collision course with a group of violent thugs.

The City of Cleveland is restricting Trump supporters’ ability to assemble and show their support for The Donald. Of course, there is no problem for George Soros and his financed goons to assemble so they can burn the American flag while elevating the Mexican flag and literally beat up Trump supporters and anyone else who disagrees with them.

And perhaps most disturbing and nefarious of all of the actions of the City of Cleveland’s is the plan to place Trump supporters and the anti-American activists in the same area- face to face.  They are purposefully creating a powder keg so that when it blows, the cynical and warped disseminators of disinformation – the mainstream media – can beam the horrific images all over the world as they blame it on Trump.

We all know that “Lady” Clinton is the designated leader of the power elite.  She and Billy Boy have literally sold their souls to them for power, money, and sex.  Eight years of Obama followed by four years of Clinton is a thought too terrible to comprehend.  It is not outrageous at all to conclude that the American experience, as created by Washington, Jefferson, and Madison will be dead.

But of course, an independent America never fit into the global elite’s vision for one world government, with our backward Constitution that upholds the right of the individual over that of the government – inalienable God-given rights that supersede any international bureaucracy.

We are fast approaching a crossroads from which it may be impossible to turn back for at least a generation or more.

The reality is that Donald Trump, for all of his strengths and faults, is the only person in the political world that stands between the global elites and their quest for total domination of America. Paul Ryan, Bill Kristol and the Never Trump Republicans are a pathetic side show being used by the global elites.

But Trump is there because of the support he has generated from Americans that do “get it.” Make no mistake — and as we have written, we are in a fifteen round boxing match for the soul of this country and while Trump has won the first eight rounds, there are seven to go, which are going to be more bruising and tougher to win.

The next right step is that we need everyone who possibly can to get to Cleveland.  That will be ground zero.  There are powers in numbers and we need numbers.

God, family, and country are bedrock values that transcend the vicissitudes and upheavals of political time. This election is coming down to “what are you willing to fight for?”

The time is now to meet in Cleveland!









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