Harbinger Of The Future: 7 Times The Militant Progressive Left Used Violence To Shut Down Donald Trump

A woman wipes egg off her face after being pursued by protesters while leaving Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign rally on Thursday, June 2, 2016, in San Jose, Calif. A group of protesters attacked Trump supporters who were leaving the presidential candidate's rally in San Jose on Thursday night. …

As presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump gears up for the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July – where he is almost certain to face angry progressive protesters – Breitbart News has compiled a list of the worst examples of anti-Trump violence so far this year.

Below is a list of some of the most violent progressive demonstrations that have happened at Trump events across the country throughout the GOP primaries—a harbinger of what is likely to come in the days, weeks and months ahead. In one case, an anti-Trump protester even tried to murder Trump just this week. 

As the tactics of the protesters become more and more apparent and the coordination between violent agitators and supposedly protesters become clearer, it appears the situation nationally is only headed for an even worse outcome than has already happened. As Brandon Darby, Breitbart Texas managing director and a one-time leftist activist who exposed these progressives’ actions to the FBI as an informant about their actions at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota in 2008, said on Breitbart News Saturday not too long ago, they work in concert with each other.

“They’re going to use very basic organizing tactics, they’re going to divide the protestors into three groups, they’re going to divide them in red, yellow, and green,” Darby said. “The people who are in the green group are not even going to know that they are considered a group, they’re not even going to know that they are part of a radical effort. They’re going to go protest the Republicans because they legitimately disagree with Republicans, and they’re going to go to protest, and they’re going to be used just like they were in 2008, as a diversion. They are going to try to shut down the roads, this is what they did in 2008. They said look we’re going to shut down the roads that the busses… delegates are going use to get into the convention center and that will shut down the convention. How are we going to do that? We are going to have the yellow group who are the nonviolent, civil disobedience activists who are going to go to jail, we are going to chain them up, with their arms in PVC pipes, across the road so that police can’t cut them out, so the buses can’t get in. And its like the police aren’t going to let you do that.”

Darby explained that so-called “peaceful protesters” are nothing more than pawns used by more militant organizers in a larger game of disruption. They use them to achieve the larger goal of causing chaos, disorder they manipulate for their political goals.

“That’s why we are going to have the green group, we are going to have people manipulate the average protester, the ten thousand peaceful protestors, to get into the road and block the vision and the effectiveness of law enforcement,” Darby said. “That will give us time to lock down for the yellow group. If law enforcement gives them a lawful order to the green group, they are going to follow that lawful order because they’re not thugs, they’re just people who disagree, exercising their right. And we’re going to do everything we can to slow down them getting out of the road. Once they get out of the road, if that hasn’t given enough time for the yellow group to lock down across the street, then we are going to send in the red group, that would be the people that you saw in San Jose. We are going to send in the red group to attack the police… to stop the police from stopping the yellow group from locking down. Then the red group runs off, goes into the crowd of peaceful demonstrators, the green group, takes their masks off and most of the people in the green group have no idea what just happened. So now the yellow group is successfully locked down across the road, the police have been attacked, they’re going after the violent protestors who attacked them, but they have to go into the crowd of peaceful protestors to find those violent people.”

As a result of this, Darby said, the otherwise peaceful protesters think they are under attack—and the militant organizers achieve their goal of discord.

“So now the peaceful protestors actually think, ‘hey wait a minute – I was just standing here holding a sign, and now the police are attacking me. What for? What just happened?’” Darby said. “All the while the green group, the average liberal doesn’t realize how they were just manipulated by the far left to be a cog in an illegal action to prevent the rights of other Americans from assembling. And then the videos look like the police are attacking the peaceful demonstrators because they turn the cameras on after the police are going after the red group, who just blended in the crowd of the green group. That’s what they historically do and that’s what they are going to do again in 2016.”

Here is the link to the full conversation Brandon Darby had with Matthew Boyle on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125, The Patriot Channel, back at the beginning of June.

Below is a list of seven of the top violent protests against Trump so far this year, and a sign of what’s to come moving forward.


Mobs of protestors attack Trump supporters, who were simply exercising their First Amendment right, as they leave a pro-Trump rally. They smash tail lights of cars, berate supporters with punches, and chase defenseless people down, who were frantically trying to leave the situation. A young woman is cornered by a mob against the glass windows at the front of the facility. Severely outnumbered, she stands tall as she is pelted with eggs at a point blank distance. A young man bleeding profusely from his ear, after receiving a blow from a backpack swung like a baseball bat, was jumped and spit on by the pack of thugs. Another young man wears nothing but blood and pants, after his shirt was stripped from his body, and he was suckered punched in the face. Amidst a mob mentality, the gang harasses a middle aged woman, ripping the glasses off of her face and snapping them, like a pack of schoolyard bullies. Dodging bottles and spit, a middle aged couple attempts to walk back to their car without conflict, but to no avail.


Tens of thousands of demonstrators gather outside of the venue Trump is supposed to speak at. It is announced the event will be cancelled for the safety of the supporters and demonstrators. Protestors get dangerous minutes after being asked to leave, as one man rushes the stage and begins to violently rock Trump’s podium. He is corralled by Secret Service members, and brought off stage. As heated shouting matches and skirmishes between supporters and protestors intensify, this same character finds himself free of Secret Service and able to assault a supporter, he finally looks to be escorted from the building. 



Outside of the Trump rally at the Peabody Opera House, 32 protestors are arrested. All but one are charged with disturbing the peace, while one individual was charged with third degree assault.



Demonstrators throw rocks at police officers, dismantle police barricades, break glass windows, and throw objects at police horses in attempts to storm the convention center. A window at the front of the venue is shattered, as officers in riot gear are forced to use smoke bombs and pepper spray in successful attempts of keeping the mob from entering the building. A tweet sent out by the Albuquerque Police Department stated multiple officers were treated for injuries after being struck with rocks.


Donald Trump addresses a crowd in a hanger during an airport rally, when a man hops the barricade and frantically tries to reach the stage. Police and Secret Service secure the threat before the man can reach the stage. It is evident the man was rushing the stage with ill intent and an agenda to harm the GOP nominee.



Protestors attempt to storm the front doors of the arena in which Trump was addressing his supporters, but were met by police in riot gear.



An illegal alien from Britain living with an expired visa, made his way to the Trump rally in Las Vegas last weekend at the Treasure Island Casino, with intentions of assassinating the GOP candidate. Michael Sanford had spent the previous day at a shooting range, where he was given a lesson on how to fire. Feeling confident after firing twenty rounds from a 9mm pistol, Sanford approached an officer the next day asking if he could grab an autograph from Trump. Hoping to catch the officer off guard, Sanford proceeded to reach for the policeman’s gun, but was quickly stopped. He later told a special agent his intention: to “shoot and kill Trump.” Sanford had obtained tickets for a later rally in Phoenix as well, in case he was unsuccessful in this endeavor, and somehow managed to escape.


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