Mike Flynn, Breitbart’s Secretary of War


It still hasn’t really sunk in that Mike Flynn is no longer among us. I was away on business when I learned of his passing. I am numb and in denial in a way.

I always thought of Mike as some kind of avenging angel with a fiery sword meting out divine punishment on the heads of those aiming to turn America into something ugly.

So to describe Mike as a “happy warrior” doesn’t seem to do justice to his work. He wasn’t just a foot soldier following orders (not that there’s anything wrong with that). He was a genius capable of running an entire war effort.

Mike didn’t believe in avoiding conflict. “Always engage,” “always play offense,” were phrases I heard from him all the time.

Mike brought me into the Breitbart.com journalism family and recruited me to help bring down ACORN, the nastiest, most criminally inclined, radical left-wing gangster group ever to shake down a business, orchestrate a home invasion with the help of squatters, smash up furniture at a city council meeting, or send an angry mob to scare the bejeezus out of a bank official’s little children in their home.

With Mike helming BigGovernment.com, a crack team of writers and researchers absolutely flooded the zone in 2009 when James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles’s brilliant undercover sting videos of ACORN intake workers helping to facilitate serious crimes were published. Mike was passionate, righteous, relentless, and indefatigable. We waged war against these people day after day, cut off their taxpayer funding, and drove them into bankruptcy.

“The Left has never seen the likes of us,” he once observed in the heat of battle. “The Left has no capacity for dealing with us.”

We beat the hoodlum socialists of ACORN and Mike had everything to do with it.

Like my friend Andrew Breitbart, Mike Flynn was a friend who sucked the marrow out of life and lived large. Mike, like Andrew, was a force of nature, taken far too soon from those who love America.

When the numbness subsides, I’ll raise a glass to toast this great, wonderful man.


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