The Nation’s First Transgender Federal Candidates Win Primaries in Utah, Colorado


With transgender mania in full swing across the progressive half of the nation, two transgender candidates have won their respective Democrat primaries to become the first transgender candidates to appear on a general election ballot from one of the nation’s two major parties.

Transgender candidates have won Democrat primaries in both Colorado and Utah, and coincidentally enough, both males have adopted “Misty” as their female name.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Misty K. Snow has won the Democrat primary for U.S. Senate from Utah to become the first transgender candidate ever to become a party nominee for the U.S. Senate..

“A lot of people have told me whether I win or lose, I’m already making a difference just by running,” Snow told the Tribune

In the final primary results, Snow beat the closest Democrat opponent by nearly ten points.

Snow, a 30-year-old grocery store clerk from Salt Lake City, will face incumbent Republican Senator Mike Lee in November. But the first transgender U.S. Senate candidate faces an uphill battle to win the seat as Senator Lee holds a major polling advantage of 51 to 37 percent.

Misty K. Snow isn’t the only transgender candidate on a ballot this year. Also winning a primary was a different transgender Misty from Colorado.

Misty Plowright won the Democrat primary to face Republican Congressman Doug Lamborn in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District. The 33-year-old Democrat is an IT worker for a company near Colorado Springs. Plowright also handily won this year’s Democrat primary earning 13,000 votes to the closest opponent’s 9,600.

The two new transgender candidates will be under intense pressure to champion the transgender ideology, which says government should require every American to validate every person’s choice of created “gender identity.”

For example, an Oregon law recently allowed a jury to award $60,00 t0 a transgender teacher because other teachers declined to use the teacher’s preferred pronoun, which is “they” rather than “him” or “her.” New York City has also establish similar forced-speech rules. The ideology ask says government must ignore and often dismantle many civic rules that have evolved to help the two distinct sexes — men and boys, women and girls — meet their legally equal, but different and complementary, needs.  For example, the transgender ideology demands that single-sex bathrooms and locker rooms — including those in K-12 schools — must opened up to people of the opposite sex, regardless of age, and without any verification of created “gender identity.”

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