Reports: Hillary Clinton Scheduled to Meet With FBI Very Soon


Media reports say Hillary Clinton is scheduled to meet with the FBI as soon as this Saturday, possibly at her home in Washington, D.C.

“There wouldn’t be an interview unless the investigation were near conclusion … The culmination of this investigation is this interview,” a top-ranking FBI official told the New York Post. “This is most likely the last piece because you don’t interview the principal subject until you have everything.” 

The New York Post’s sources say a meeting between Mrs. Clinton and the FBI would take place “very soon,” but could not confirm that it might happen on Saturday.

A source close to the Clinton email investigation told the Daily Caller that the meeting will take place on Saturday. “Scheduling the meeting on a holiday weekend will likely help with logistical issues for both the FBI and the Clinton campaign,” the Daily Caller said. Clinton has few or no campaign events scheduled for the weekend, so she won’t be followed around by many reporters.

The last meeting between a Clinton and a law enforcement official didn’t turn out so well, as it involved a runway rendezvous of Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch at Phoenix airport. The former president scooted inside her aircraft for talks as FBI agents barked at reporters to turn off their cameras and cell phones.

The establishment media has decided to handle the Lynch flap by believing the cover story that the rendezvous was just friends chatting about golf and grandkids.

“His apparently spur-of-the moment decision to chat this week with Attorney General Loretta Lynch even as her agency is overseeing a sensitive investigation of his wife’s use of a private email server as secretary of state was only the latest in a series of loose-cannon episodes,” declared the Associated Press on Friday, regaling its readers with several slapstick tales of the former President’s misadventures, like that one time he called Barack Obama’s opposition to the Iraq War “the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.”

Over at the Huffington Post, Bill Clinton is labeled an “idiot” who probably should have been ditched by his wife’s campaign long ago, because he might even be trying to deliberately sabotage her presidential bid with a string of “Bubba flubbas.”

But other outlets were skeptical.

A security source told that Clinton appeared to have “engineered” a delayed takeoff so that he would still be on the ground when Lynch touched down, causing untold headaches for security teams that wanted to get one VIP out of the way before another landed. The source spoke of Lynch’s staff “flipping out,” FBI and Secret Service agents saying “What the hell?” and experienced political operatives immediately realizing that Clinton had caused a major political problem.



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