Palin To #NeverTrump: ‘You’re Either With Us Or You’re Against Us’

DENVER, CO - JULY 01: Former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican Party nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin speaks at the 2016 Western Conservative Summit at the Colorado Convention Center on July 1, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. The Summit, being held July 1-3, is expected to attract more than 4,000 …

2008 Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin blasted supporters of the #NeverTrump faction from a stage Friday in Denver for fueling Hillary Clinton’s path to victory with “dynamite” as she called them on the carpet, “You’re either with us or you’re against us.”

Former Alaska Governor Palin spoke of the growing “movement” that picked Donald Trump as their champion. Palin’s opening message before presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump addressed the Western Conservative Summit took aim at “the GOP wing of the good ol’ boys club” and their plans to “throw in for Hillary against the will of the people in their own primary” or “stay home instead of vote because their guy didn’t win this time around.” 

“It doesn’t matter to the beltway bubble boys and girls which side actually wins elections as long as they get to keep their titles and their ratings and their power and their purses full, they win and we lose,” explained Palin. “Hillary thanks them because she cannot win without them.”

“They call themselves the never hashtag … I just call them Republicans Against Trump, or RAT for short,” she quipped.

Palin pointed to the resolute will of the movement, “We drove over those desperate darts flying at our frontrunner like the critics crying, “Trump’s not conservative enough!”

“What would they know about common sense conservatism? What does handing Obama a blank check to run up trillion dollar deficits with no end in sight and pushing endless wars with no path to victory and inviting millions of unveiled illegals through our swiss cheese borders to replace American workers and wanting amnesty for millions of new Democrat voters, what’s that got to do with conservatism?”

Palin pointed a finger at members of the party’s establishment for characterizing Trump supporters as angry:

“The Establishment, those profiles in pudding, they bent over for all those things and now they fret about ideological purity? Well they got busted. So they panicked and then they started feeding the left this idea that, well all we had to fuel this movement was anger. Really that’s some gall that they’re lecturing us that we’re too passionate? About our country? Yeah they stomp on our neck and then tell us to just chill out? Well darn right voters are mad. It’s righteous indignation. But what the profession political class really can’t handle is knowing really that the movement is more than anger. It’s an optimistic, sensible, building up the people agenda. And that is good change, but to them it’s a threat. You know who’s threatened? Those GOPers who insist that they’ll never vote for their Party’s choice this time.”

Indeed, while heavy aggression has manifested from leftist protesters outside of Trump rallies, the mood within the walls of Trump rallies has remained largely positive and enthusiastic.

Palin continued further, emphasizing the pivotal nature of the presidential race:

“Folks we’re talking about our sovereignty here, our solvency and security, our entire invaluable system of law and order in a republic bought with patriots’ and vets’ blood, sweat and tears,” she said. “This isn’t a game, nor some drama to be played out on the convention stage. No they’re playing with dynamite and arming those opposed to the planks in the platform upon which [President Abraham] Lincoln and [President Ronald] Reagan stood. We’re talking about the direction of our country, our children’s future, the direction of the Supreme Court, all of this hinging on the next election and at such a time as this, you cannot be lukewarm. We’re gonna take our country back and you’re either with us or you’re against us.”

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