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Windows and Walls of Trump Campaign Offices in Denver Defaced

In yet another act of political vandalism against Republicans, the Donald Trump campaign offices in Denver were attacked with vile slogans painted on its walls and windows in an attempt to intimidate Republican supporters of the GOP nominee.

DENVER, CO - JULY 01: Former Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican Party nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin speaks at the 2016 Western Conservative Summit at the Colorado Convention Center on July 1, 2016 in Denver, Colorado. The Summit, being held July 1-3, is expected to attract more than 4,000 …

Palin To #NeverTrump: ‘You’re Either With Us Or You’re Against Us’

2008 Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin blasted supporters of the #NeverTrump faction from a stage Friday in Denver for fueling Hillary Clinton’s path to victory with “dynamite” as she called them on the carpet, “You’re either with us or you’re against us.”

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12 Arrested in Denver after Super Bowl Victory

On Sunday night, Denver police, better prepared for possible rioting than the last time the Broncos won the Super Bowl back in 1999, wound up arresting 12 people during postgame celebrations.

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Clinton’s Computer Company: Loft Apartment With Servers Stuffed In a Bathroom

Former employees point out that Platte River did nothing wrong by accepting the work from Clinton, which they tried to keep quiet, and handled to the best of their ability. It was Hillary Clinton’s legal responsibility to ensure that classified information was properly handled; given that she’s been lying about it for so long to everyone else, it’s quite possible that she never told Platte River about it.