Donald Trump: CNN ‘Dishonest as Hell;’ Clinton ‘Dirty, Rotten Liar’

Trump close David CalvertGetty Images
David Calvert/Getty

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump criticized CNN, which he calls the “Clinton News Network,” during his campaign rally in Ohio on Wednesday for covering the alleged “Star of David” tweet more than the FBI interviewing presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton over the past weekend.

“CNN is dishonest as hell,” the presumptive nominee stated. “I have grandchildren that are Jewish…and I love them.” Trump also noted how his daughter and son-in-law are Jewish.

Trump has defended the image as a Sheriff’s star — not the Star of David, which was alleged by political pundits and the media.

“These people are sick,” the billionaire slammed, referencing the pundits who suggested he’s racist. “Some day I’m going to tell you the real story of CNN,” Trump threatened, alleging there might be dirt to reveal about the network. “Don’t watch it anymore!”

“They’re the ones with the bad tendencies,” he slammed, saying that the people who suggested the star was the Star of David “are sick people.”

Trump blamed his rival, Clinton, for starting the idea that the star was the Star of David.

“She’s the one that started the dialogue,” he said of Clinton, suggesting she wanted to deflect attention away from the FBI investigation regarding her use of a private email server.

Trump also called Clinton a “dirty, rotten liar” over the email scandal and read through false statements that Clinton had made about her emails that the FBI investigation proved to be untrue.

Trump said the only successful thing Clinton has done throughout history is “get out of trouble.”


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