Diner Offers Free Meals to Cops; Others, Not so Much

Diner food (Auburndale Main Street Diner / Facebook)
Auburndale Main Street Diner / Facebook

One Florida diner is doing its part to thank law enforcement for all they are doing for Americans by offering free meals to officers who dine at their establishment.

“It’s a way to show our appreciation,” Rachel Edwards, 30, a manager and waitress at the Auburndale Main Street Diner told Breitbart News. “You see so much bad going on around the whole entire world. So we’re just doing some good.”

Edwards said the restaurant has served 12 officers so far on Wednesday, and approximately six on Tuesday. She explained the establishment had just reopened on Saturday after its annual two-week summer vacation, and that that owners and staff expect to see more officers coming in over the next few weeks.

“It’s nice to have the support to validate that people appreciate us. Sometimes we forget,” Andy Ray, Deputy Chief of the Auburndale Police Department, told local Fox affiliate Fox 13. “We didn’t sign up for the job for people to tell us all the time how good we are, how much they appreciate us, but we don’t get that a lot.”

The diner’s generous offer arrives in the wake of several shootings that have targeted law enforcement, including in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Dallas, Texas.

Edwards told Breitbart News that the Auburndale Diner will be offering free meals to officers until the end of this month. “We will possibly extend it until the end of August,” she added.

Other dining establishments have not been so kind to law enforcement.

Last week, Sheriffs in North Carolina alleged that staff at a Zaxby’s chicken restaurant chain in Shelby, North Carolina verbally attacked them and then served them tainted food.

Also last week, Four Skagit County, Washington, deputies who were having lunch at the Lucky Teriyaki restaurant in Sedro-Wolley earlier in the week were told by the owner that they were no longer welcome to eat at his restaurant after they went to pay for their meal. After a rash of negative Yelp reviews and a public backlash, the owner reversed course and welcomed the cops back, offering them free meals this past Monday.

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