Ryan’s Security Force Refuses To Deliver Ryan Letter From Victims Of Open Borders

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JANESVILLE, WI– House Speaker Paul Ryan’s security force blocked grieving American mothers, whose children were killed as a result of our nation’s open borders, from encroaching on to Paul Ryan’s guarded estate.

Following a Saturday press conference held in front of Ryan’s person border wall, four “angel moms” tried to give Ryan letter and tried to leave photos of their deceased children in front of Ryan’s secured mansion.

As the mothers tried to leave the photos on the steps leading up to Ryan’s mansion, they were immediately chastised and thwarted by Ryan’s security force.

“When the mothers placed the pictures of their children along with the letter on Speaker Ryan’s steps, we were told to remove it as it was private property,” said Maria Espinoza, founder of the Remembrance Project, which represents the victims of illegal alien crime.

“It’s private property you need to take them off the steps,” the security agent said. “You can’t be on the private property.”

The mothers, though disappointed, complied. They decided to instead leave the photos on the sidewalk in front of the Speaker’s home.

“My tax dollars paid for this side walk. I’m setting [my child’s picture] right here,” Julie Golvach said. “The Speaker the House still works for the people and we pay tax dollars, so we expect these photos to stay here for him.”

The angel moms kissed the photos of their dead children as they gently placed their pictures on the ground.

The mothers then asked the security agents if they would give Ryan their letter, in which the mothers issue a series of border security demands they had for the Republican House Speaker. In their letter, the mothers deliver Ryan an ultimatum: stand with us and secure the border, or resign from public office.

Ryan’s security refused to deliver the letter.

The security agents instead told the mothers to contact Ryan through his website or via postal mail. However, as one mother, Michelle Root, noted during the press conference, Ryan won’t “even speak to us. I wrote him a letter—no response,” Root said.

“Ryan’s security identified themselves as the Capitol Police and told me I could not leave the letter at his front door. When I asked them to give it to Speaker Ryan, the told me to contact the Congressman through his website. They refused to accept the letter on Ryan’s behalf,” Golvach said.

The mothers eventually decided to leave the letter on the ground tucked underneath the photos of their children.

However the mothers say that as they began to leave they saw another SUV pull up to the front of the house. The mothers say that they saw a security officer get out of the vehicle and begin to remove the photos of their dead children, which the mothers had just placed in front of Ryan’s house.

“Ryan’s security said they would not interfere by giving Ryan the letter, but they sure seemed quick to interfere and remove the photos of their murdered children,” Espinoza said. “As soon as we left, another SUV pulled up to the house. A security agent got out of the car and walked towards the photos as if he was about to remove them. Seeing this, the mothers turned around and started to walk back towards the house. The agent stopped when he saw the mothers starting to come back. It seemed pretty clear to all of us that they were going to wait until we left and then they were going to remove all of the mothers’ photos.”

Below is a copy of the letter the mothers signed and left for Ryan:

A Message To Paul Ryan From The American Victims Of Your Immigration Policies

Whereas Paul Ryan has a two decade history of pushing for open borders

Whereas Paul Ryan defeated efforts in the 1990’s to crack down on out-of-control immigration

Whereas Paul Ryan has fought valiantly on issues sought by corporate special interests (such as the TPP), but has refused to make any similar public appeal on behalf of the American victims of illegal alien crime

Whereas Paul Ryan has enabled— whether through silence, indifference, complicity, or deceit— the implementation of President Obama’s immigration agenda

Whereas Paul Ryan is personally responsible for the deaths, maimings, and sexual assaults of thousands of innocent Americans and lawful residents

Whereas Paul Ryan has never shown one millionth the passion in defense of our families as he has spent advocating for policies that would result in the deaths of more Americans

Whereas Paul Ryan has the blood of so many on his hands—blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, immigrants, and children of immigrants

Whereas Paul Ryan has used his positions of power—as a Republican Party leader, as a budget leader, as Speaker of the House, and as an intimate of large corporations with unlimited resources—to ignore and even undermine American interests. If Ryan’s considerable powers had been marshaled, in any serious degree, towards advocating for our families, demanding change for our families, or insisting upon justice for our families, then so many more families just like us would have been saved.

For all of these reasons and more, we deem Ryan disqualified from serving in Congress or any other position of public office that is supposed to represent the American people

Today we issue Paul Ryan this ultimatum: Show contrition and make a commitment within the week to deliver on the following three items, or leave this race, resign this seat, and exit public life forever so you can do no more harm, cause no more damage, and inflict no more pain on one more family like ours.

We guarantee that any pain that Paul Ryan will experience from the loss of his cozy seat in Congress will pale by a factor of a million to the pain each and every one of us feel each and every day as a result of the loss we have endured—a loss from which we could have been spared had Paul Ryan only cared as much about us as he cares about his donors.

We are calling on Paul Ryan to

I. Return all of the donations he has received from individuals or groups that have lobbied for any kind of open borders immigration or amnesty policy.

II. Hold a press conference on the steps of the U.S. Capitol with Paul Ryan, the entire House Leadership team and the American victims of illegal alien crime. The press conference will call for the passage— in both chambers— of legislation to shut down every single sanctuary city in America, to make five year mandatory minimums for any one who re-enters the country illegally after previously being deported, and to make it an automatic felony for any one here illegally who is convicted of a separate, additional crime.

III. Guarantee that next year’s budget will fully fund the completion of the 700 mile double layer border wall that Ryan’s budget last year failed to fund, and pledge that in next year’s budget, there will be no funding for any resettlement of illegal alien border crossers inside the interior of the United States.


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