Video– Mom’s Tearful Plea to Ryan: My Dead Child Deserved Same Security That You Give Yours

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JANESVILLE, WI– American mothers whose children were murdered by illegal aliens held a press conference outside Paul Ryan’s personal border wall on Saturday.

The mothers stood alongside Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen, whom they endorsed in his August 9 primary election to unseat Paul Ryan.

During her moving testimony, one mother broke down as she declared, “I deserved the same [security for my son]” that Paul Ryan gives to his children. “I deserved to have [my son] at the end of my life siting next to me.”

“Paul Ryan’s home behind me has a fence,” Julie Golvach said. “He has security. He has everything to make sure that his three children are safe. I deserve the same thing, I deserved the same thing, and so do all of you.”

Golvach’s 25 year-old son Spencer was shot in the head last year by a previously deported illegal alien gang member, who had decided to go on a killing spree. Spencer was just one of the illegal alien’s victims that night.

Golvach said that she hopes no other parent will ever have to experience what it feels like “to be standing here, looking like you’re alive, but your soul is gone because your child was murdered by someone who should not have been in this country.”

“[Spencer was] my only child and he was the love of my life. His father and I poured all of our energies into him… We wanted him to have more than what we had. Spencer followed all of the rules. He didn’t break into any countries. He was so humorous, he had lots of friends… he was thoughtful and kind and compassionate. He made me a better person. We spent every Sunday going to movies. He was my movie partner. And we watched Game of Thrones together. And he would help fill me in on the details I couldn’t understand [Golvach smiles]. He kept me current in what was going on… And now there’s a big void. Not just these little things, but the— [Golvach stops, struggling to finish her sentence]. I hope none of you will ever have to experience the— [Golvach pauses] ability to be standing here looking like you’re alive, but your soul is gone because your child was murdered by someone who should not have been in this country.”

“Before my son was born, I wrote this in his baby book—and I said this to him throughout his life… I would tell him, ‘Did I ever tell you that of all the children in the world, you’re the one I would have picked,’ And I deserved to have him at the end of my life siting next to me. And Paul Ryan and other politicians that don’t think a border is worth it, this is the loss and I hope they don’t have the same experience that I have because I hope they will change their minds and start securing the border.”

“We love our children just as much as Paul Ryan loves his. I appreciate the fence he wants around his to protect his kids. He needs to appreciate that we want the same for ours,” said Laura Wilkerson.

Wilkerson’s 18-year-old son Joshua was tied up, beaten, strangled, set on fire, and tortured to death by his illegal alien classmate while he was on his way home from school. Wilkerson explained how instead of getting her son home from school that day, she got an autopsy report instead.

Agnes Gibboney, a legal immigrant whose 29 year-old son Ronald da Silva was shot and killed by a previously deported illegal alien, said:

“I have a personal message for Paul Ryan: You have three children, I have three children—or should I say, ‘had’ three children because my only son was murdered. We need Paul Nehlen. We need to vote for Paul Nehlen and I’m full endorsing and supporting him.”

“The person who killed Ronald has a determinate sentence where I have a life sentence—a life sentence of pain, grief, sorrow and longing for my son and no more memories,” Gibboney added. “Open borders are killing our citizens, killing our children… We cannot afford to lose another U.S. citizen.”

Michelle Root’s 21 year-old daughter, Sarah, was murdered while Paul Ryan was Speaker of the House.

Sarah was “killed by an illegal, drunk driving, street racing immigrant” that was let out on bail and now is roaming free, Root said.

Root told the crowd that she had personally reached out Ryan and had even written him a letter, but never got a response. “We need a change,” Root said. “We need to secure our border. And we need Paul Ryan to step up and promise us things—[or] even speak to us. I wrote him a letter—no response. So I will also support Paul Nehlen.”

Julie Golvach similarly said that she was endorsing Nehlen because of his commitment to keeping American families safe:

This should not happen to American families. I don’t care when you got to this country, if you came here legally, this should not happen to you. There are laws in place. If we break the laws as U.S. citizens we have consequences, but illegal aliens walk in here and they don’t have the consequences. So I’m just asking as you look to vote this year that you look at Paul Nehlen. He is going to enforce our borders.

Wilkerson also urged Wisconsin voters to oust Ryan. “This should never happen to American citizens,” Wilkerson said.

[Ryan has] had 18 years to still be undecided [on border security]. No more. No more. It’s time for a change. I’m counting on Paul Nehlen to do what he says he’s going to do, which is close the border and put American families first. We don’t wish this pain on anyone. We have to get up every day and still try to breathe, try to go on and try to pretend that we’re a family that we’re not anymore… Everybody’s kids are their best interests, but our kids deserve the same. Joshua deserved to live.

During the press conference, Ryan’s security team seemed to be concerned about the potential threat the grieving mothers posed to the perimeter of Ryan’s estate. During the press event, the four SUVs that were guarding the front of Ryan’s home were joined by an additional three state police cars, and additional Capitol police officers.

Two Capitol police officers approached the mothers on foot during the press conference, ostensibly in order to more closely monitor the threat that the angel moms posed to Ryan and his family.

Most local media outlets appeared to blackball the mothers’ event. Outside of Breitbart News there was only one other member of the media at the press event. Despite repeated invitations from the Nehlen campaign, most local media refused to come and cover the mothers’ press conference.

After the mothers had spoken, Paul Nehlen said a few words about Ryan’s support for the donor class’ open borders agenda. Nehlen blasted Ryan for ignoring these American victims and actively working against the interests of the American people.

“Paul Ryan has ignored our Angel Moms and Dads for far too long,” Nehlen said.

We are here today to say, “Not one more.” We will not tolerate one more death of an innocent American because Paul Ryan wants to satisfy his donors. We will not let one more family be torn apart by open borders. We will not let one more mother bury her child because our government failed to fulfill its most basic duty to our citizens.

After Laura Wilkerson’s son Joshua was tortured to death by a so-called illegal alien “DREAMer”, Paul Ryan voted to fully fund Obama’s executive 2012 amnesty for illegal alien “DREAMers”. Thanks to Paul Ryan’s efforts, this unconstitutional amnesty is still in full and total effect today.

After Jim Steinle’s daughter Kate was gunned down in broad daylight on a San Francisco pier and lay dying in her father’s arms, Paul Ryan voted to reward sanctuary cities with federal funding.

Just before Michelle Root’s daughter Sarah was killed by an illegal alien border crosser, who had been previously released into the U.S. interior, Paul Ryan voted to fund the resettlement of illegal alien border crossers.

Never before in our history has a representative been so out of touch with the people. Never before has a representative poured so much time and effort and money into pretending to be something he is not…

Ryan says he cares about your family, but with every action he takes he increases the dangers posed to your family and a thousands more just like it.

Ryan says his title is Speaker of the House, but he speaks only for the rich and for the wealthy, for the donors and everyone who isn’t you.”


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