Hillary Clinton: ‘We Are Going To Follow The Money’


PHILADELPHIA – Hillary Clinton said that “We are going to follow the money” in her Democratic National Convention speech Thursday night.

Clinton was referring to getting money back into our country through foreign trade. But that sound-bite might as well refer to the revelations that Clinton and her husband Bill chased money all around the world — including money from corrupt foreign governments.

Clinton stole some of Donald Trump’s talking points, then inexplicably claimed that Trump never talked about those things.

Clinton invited people who want to “say no to unfair trade deals [and to] stand up to China” to “join us.”

Before the campaign, she was a principal architect of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, while Trump has consistently opposed the deal.

“If you believe we should expand Social Security,” Clinton said, which is something that Trump wants to do but Clinton herself has advocated in the past for a entitlement-cutting “reform” plan.

“You didn’t hear any of this from Donald Trump, did you, at his convention,” Clinton said.

Actually, we did.



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