‘Clinton Cash’ Exposes the Clintons’ Past – and the Obamas’ Future


No doubt, you’ve seen the documentary or read Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash. The latest edition, Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel (Yes, it’s all still true.), should be the final nail in the Clintons’ overflowing coffin of corruption. The book brought the evidence, and the movie has been watched more than two million times. The graphic novel, now available at Amazon and other retailers, brings the story of corruption to life by delving into the Clintons’ systematic and lucrative schemes with fantastic art and a huge dose of humor.

Chuck Dixon and Brett R. Smith tell the story of Clinton Cash in a completely new, compelling way. It’s a testament to how powerful a message can be when backed with A-list talent. Everyone involved on the creative team has worked in the comic book industry for years, including the big two. Marvel and DC Comics. In addition to Smith and Dixon, others on the creative team include Sergio Cariello, Don Hudson, Graham Nolan, Paul Rivoche and Taylor Esposito. Be sure to see their bios at the end of the book and support their other works. You’ll be blown away by their experience and be grateful they had the courage to work on this project.

Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel begins in Haiti, where the Clinton Family Foundation used the tragedy of a severe earthquake in 2010 to make millions for themselves and their friends. It’s particularly effective to open with this story because it underscores that behind the profits made by the Clintons are people who are left shattered in their wake – a familiar thread in all of the Clinton scandals.

The story of the Clinton Foundation’s scheme in Haiti is dubbed “Disaster Capitalism.” With phony promises to reform Haiti, the Clintons and their colleagues began an elaborate pay-for-play from corporations. Some had no experience in the industry of work they were paid millions to do, and they had no oversight. For example, “In December 2010, Bill and Hillary approved a ‘new settlement program’ of permanent homes. Two years later, only 900 of the contracted 15,000 homes had been completed.”

Embedded in the devastating facts are moments of wit from adaptors Dixon and Smith, like the line that the abandoned model homes only ended up providing “shelter for squatters and the occasional goat.”

In addition to the graphic novel medium, the humor is one of the most important aspects of the book. It makes the true story of the Clintons’ corruption accessible to those who don’t follow politics aside from SNL “Weekend Update” and other pop culture-filtered political news. You can safely give this book to your apolitical friends and family members. Do it before November.

Of course, Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel isn’t just entertaining and an indictment of the Clintons. It’s a crystal ball into Barack and Michelle Obama’s post-presidential life. In May, it was revealed that the Obamas will be staying in D.C. after vacating the White House. They’ll be leasing a nine bedroom house owned by former Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart. From CNN:

The Lockhart house is an 8,200-square-foot brick Tudor, and might cost $22,000 a month to rent, according to an estimate on the real estate website Zillow. It is currently valued at $7 million, according to D.C. tax assessments. It has a generous living room and dining room, a finished downstairs family room/media room, and an au-pair suite, which could be useful to the Obama family since First Lady Michelle Obama’s mother has been living with the family for years.

When I attended an event for women writers at the White House back in March, Michelle Obama said that she would continue her work on her Let’s Move and school lunch campaign after they leave the White House. She said that the program is in more than 20,000 schools and continues to grow. To the right of the podium was a poster of logos from corporate sponsors that rivaled a NASCAR race. You can bet some entity will be created so they can continue to dine at that trough.

As for President Obama, one can imagine him making millions in speech fees on the topic of race relations. Hmm, if only that were a hot topic in the news.

In short, Clinton Cash: A Graphic Novel isn’t just a handbook for keeping the Clintons out of the White House, but a tool to fight the Obamas’ continued efforts to bamboozle the country they were never proud of until it made them millionaires.


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