EXCLUSIVE: Twin Falls Refugee Rape Victim ‘Just Not The Same Happy Little Girl’ Says Mom

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TWIN FALLS, IDAHO– Establishment politicians and media outlets are trying to dismiss the Twin Falls refugee rape case, but Breitbart can reveal more details from our interview with the parents of the five-year-old girl who was attacked by three refugee boys on June 2.

Local officials in Twin Falls have still not provided services to the victim, but have instead issued press statements that downplayed the attack. The statements by local leaders have led to a spate of dismissive articles in establishment sites, including The Washington Post, Slate and Jezebel, which portray the local activists who support the victim as racist rumor-mongers.

But the facts are getting out. For example, yesterday’s Breitbart exclusive with the victim’s father which revealed that he had seen 30 seconds of the video of the assault was discussed on Sean Hannity’s radio program Friday afternoon.

As this new interview segment with the victim’s mother and father shows, the assault has also had devastating consequences for both the victim and her family.

The five-year-old daughter was allegedly orally and anally raped by a seven and 10-year-old boy, according to police allegations, while a boy believed to be 14 years old videotaped the assault on his cellular phone. All three boys were refugees. Press reports indicate one was from Iraq, while two were from either Eritrea, Sudan, or Somalia. 

Breitbart asked the victim’s mother how she heard about the assault.

Victim’s Mother: I was outside with my daughter and she was playing with two of her friends. I ran inside real fast to use the restroom. By the time I had came outside my daughter was not there, her two friends had went home and [the attackers] had grabbed my daughter and brought her into the laundry room.

We have lived there for three years, so we felt safe there like I could run inside for a second to use the restroom. She was with her friends that she always plays with.

How I found out about this, was when I freaked out that my daughter wasn’t out there I came running inside to grab my phone and my neighbor—the older lady [editor’s note: an 89 year old neighbor who discovered the rape scene]—had called me.

Another neighbor lady had called me and said, you need to call the police. something bad had happened to your daughter and so she walked my daughter to our apartment.

We had called the police and my Mom had showed up at our apartment as well. I started getting my daughter in the bathtub because she had been urinated on. She didn’t really want to speak to me. My daughter felt she was in trouble.

When we called the police, it took the police at least an hour and a half to two hours to arrive.

The shocking story does not fit the establishment media’s anti-Donald Trump narrative because it underscore the growing civic cost to Americans caused by Washington D.C.’s bipartisan support for mass-immigration.

As Breitbart writer Michael Patrick Leahy laid out in detail in a recent article, the roots of the refugee program date back to Bill Clinton’s administration.

The current influx of Muslim refugees into Twin Falls has been spurred by the alliance of government and business interests who have brought a cheap labor force into the town of 55,000 people to work for local food-processing companies. The companies participate bin the government program because it is cheaper to hire imported workers from conflict-torn tribal societies in Somalia, Iraq and Eritrea than it is to hire young Americans who understand and maintain Americans’ civic rules.

Breitbart News also asked the parents about the impact of the attack on the family.

Stranahan: What has your life been like right after the attack happened at the complex?

Victim’s Father: There was a lot of fear and just a lot of anxiety and stress. It was really hard for me to leave my family to go to work. I took off about  six days of work so I could be there with them. It was really hard being at the apartment. We’ve noticed a lot of change in my daughter. She used to be really sociable, loved everybody, loved to just be in the limelight like a normal five year old. Now she just hides in a closet.

Victim’s Mother: She hides with her tablet, and she says she wants to be alone.

Victim’s Father: Yeah, she covers up everything, she doesn’t like to be around a lot of boys anymore.

Victim’s Mother: She wears doubles of clothes sometimes. She’s just not the same happy little girl that she was.

Victim’s Father: When it comes to playing with boys, [she says] all bad boys, all bad boys.

Breitbart News will continue to bring readers more exclusive coverage of this horrific crime, plus the political and media cover-ups and will detail crony-capitalist policies that helped cause the crime against the little girl.


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