Former Rep. Virgil Goode: Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate, a ‘Consistent Conservative Who Always Supports Putting America First’


I am endorsing Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate in Arizona. Her America First conservative policies provide a clear contrast to John McCain’s globalist, open borders, establishment agenda. 

I believe that massive uncontrolled immigration is the greatest threat facing our country, and Arizonans are on the frontlines. In 2006 and 2007, John McCain joined forces with Ted Kennedy to promote an amnesty which would have given citizenship to almost all illegal aliens in the country. Months later, when he ran for the Republican nomination for president, he pretended to oppose amnesty and used the slogan “Secure The Border First.”

Then, as soon as he won the Republican nomination, he promised amnesty to the National Council of La Raza and ran Spanish language ads claiming to support amnesty more than Obama. In 2010, JD Hayworth primaried McCain for his Senate seat. McCain pretended to support building a fence on the border, Arizona’s tough immigration law SB 1070, and even said he wanted to rethink birthright citizenship. Then, once again, he betrayed the people who voted for him by teaming up with Chuck Schumer as part of the “Gang of 8” to introduce another massive amnesty.

Once again, John McCain is flip flopping and pretending to support immigration enforcement. His platform makes no mention of his support of the Gang of 8 bill and he just released an ad that call himself a “champion” of “securing the borders.” Make no mistake, if he wins reelection, he will go right back to promoting amnesty. 

Immigration is just one of the many issues where John McCain has stood with Democrats and Wall Street and against the American people. He supports the disastrous Trans Pacific Partnership, strengthening NAFTA, and almost every single so called “free trade” deal, which sends American jobs overseas. 

On foreign policy, John McCain and Hillary Clinton have been two peas in a pod, advocating for war in Libya and arming Muslim Extremists in Syria, both of which helped lead to the ISIS’s rise.

In contrast, Kelli Ward is a consistent conservative who always supports putting America First. She opposes amnesty and TPP and supports securing the border, limiting foreign workers to protect American jobs, and ending anchor baby birthright citizenship. She believes that our military should defend our border instead of nation building abroad, what she calls McCain’s “invade the world/invite the world” policies. While McCain has a liberal voting record, Ward has a solid pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, and limited government voting record in the Arizona State Senate

McCain has bamboozled Arizona voters time and time again.  Kelli Ward gives them the chance to say “enough is enough” and send him home.  


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